Singapore Building (Interlace)

Hello, I’ve been flying above Singapore, trying to get some captures (1080p, Ultra, Photogrammetry & all those stuffs ON)

But it seems like “Interlace Condo” is not modeled and appears to be a big monoblock.

Should be like that :

So you guys get the same issue ? Where can I report this ?

Thanks ! Have good Flights :slight_smile:

Safe to say there are several thousands of issues like this all around the globe. I don’t think we will come very far with everybody reporting these.
We can only hope for improvements of the AI, an increase of photogrametry coverage and 3rd party addon devs to cover popular areas with accurate landmarks…

The plane isn’t even facing the same direction as the satellite imagery :thinking:. I’m guessing this is old data or a data source mismatch, thought it looks like someone recently tagged this on OSM as ‘not a building’: