Single Download to "update all" and make updates better in general

Hi quick idea here. First off, it seems like there are many steps required when updating:

  1. Apply the update from the MS store
  2. Then launch and download the updates within the sim
  3. Then download updates for things in content manager that have been updated

4. Clear scenery caches
5. Move everything in the “Community” folder into a separate backup folder to make sure that isn’t affecting everything

Would be nice if a single update process would take care of everything. One other idea - in content manager it takes forever to look through the different packages for things that needed updated. How about an “update all” option that would just update everything that…you know…needs updated. Without me having to go through hundreds of packages looking.


Good suggestions. I had asked for sorting by items requiring an update in the content manager when the game was released.

Plus, you should vote for your own ticket…

What I do is click the ‘select all’ checkbox in the top left corner of the package manager and then click the update/download update button


Regarding moving stuff out of the Community folder before updating - good precaution that - see the post I made to the following thread regarding msfs addons linker…

Ok, nice, that completely works, just wasn’t obvious to me. I started scanning through the list trying to find the Japan ones that needed updated and didn’t see the select all option.

Thanks for the heads up!

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Nyx that’s a good suggestion. Will remember for next time.

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No problem. Still hoping for update available notifications.


Even having the ability to sort the Content list by status would help.


Does that force-update everything, even if it’s up to date?

I don’t believe so, it seems to download only what is needed.

Good to know! I’ll try it without living in fear of a 100 GB download! :grin:

First of all, thanks to the team for such a great effort they put into this sim. The update procedure can indeed use a bit of polishing.

Also, it would be great if the world updates would be downloaded automatically. Now when updating I need to do the following procedure:

  • Open Microsoft Store and update the SIM
  • Start the SIM and let it update
  • Open the content manager and update
  • Install a new world update.

I think this can indeed be automated.

Keep up the good work!

This topic is never addressed officially by Asobo. The instructions of what to do in case of slow downloads are dumb and don’t work.

PLEASE, give us a single package installer using Windows Installer that we can download from outside of the sim that will update it for us. Or send us the full udpate via Steam / MS Store vs this currently horribly broken system.

I have a 1Gbit fibre connection. I got the intial package from Steam at 800 Mbits. It literally took seconds to download. Yet when I fire up the sim and start updating, this is what I see…

There are a ton of people reporting these slow download issues. Please do something. It’s not reasonable to expect people to be downloading for 5-12 or more hours to get a sim update, particularly when we have modern, high speed connections.

For the World Update 3, I downloaded

They really don’t need even to change the installer itself, they just need to introduce P2P protocols so the users simultaneously downloading the content can download it from each other aside of the MS servers. That would solve ALL problems for everybody.

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P2P is a lot of work, not even touching on security and users that would delete MSFS if it randomly starts using their limited upload bandwidth.

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I completely agree, would be very good to see a single updater that either works through the Microsoft store or steam.

Sometimes it’s the case where I can’t even play because of a large update that would’ve normally been going in a background application whilst I work.

Downloading and updating the simulator is far too long-winded and inconvenient.

You have:

  • Microsoft store updates
  • Flight sim updates
  • Content manager updates

All three separate updates need to be completed in three separate locations. I would like to see these combined or simplified into a single update that can be supplied through the MStore/steam in the background, not requiring the demanding application to be left on for hours on end.

Many a time I have loaded into the simulator to find that there’s a large update, and these can’t always complete them in one go. This means remembering to boot the simulator every time we need to use the pc, but many can’t keep the application running updates at the same time as working or using other applications. I can only see this getting worse as more content and addons get added to the store.

A single updater that runs outside of the simulator application would be a very convenient and effective way of ensuring your customers get the updates quicker and more effectively.

If you would like to see this don’t forget to leave a vote up top and comment. Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

The Microsoft store update is the actual update of the client. Besides that there are only content manager updates containing all the packages (scenery, aircraft, etc).

The ‘flight sim updates’ are nothing more than mandatory content manager updates.
You need them to run the sim up to date so that’s why they check for them and force you to install them during startup. But you can see these packages in the content manager like all the others.

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