Single setting to turn off all arcade game type features.

From the beginning, MS assured pit builders that they would not forget about our needs (such as multi screen support mentioned in another ticket).

Can you also please create a single setting that allows us to turn off any feature that would be a hurdle in a full cockpit? An example would be the pop-up that comes up as soon as you select engines off. This was added after release. Another example might be the white spinning circle at the bottom right, or the menu chevron at the top centre.

Just a simple single switch to turn all that stuff off please. No hurry as there is more important stuff to fix, but please remember your promises.

Thank you.

By the way, there is another topic regarding removing the Log book screen on engine stop. I’d like that expanded even further to remove all such settings with a single click, but I apologise in advance if this topic dilutes the other. If you only want to vote for one, please vote for the other, not this one. Thanks.