Size of cockpit in VR - can you change it?

When I sit in the cockpit - in VR mode - it appears to be a little on the “small” side.

In DHS you can adjust the “IPD” to make the cockpit enlarge or shrink.

Is there a feature similar in MSFS 2020? or a way to do it manually?

I think i read that it is in the open xr toolkit.You can find it on this site.There are posts about it in the comments.

thank you, I’ll check that out.


Yes, with the OpenXR Toolkit like @StretchMussel60 mentioned above.

Once installed, within the menus, there’s a scaling option for the “world”. It can be either decreased or increased.


I think the Cessna 152 & 172 are too small, and the TBM 930. I find 110% in Open XR toolkit makes it look right for my own taste.

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I use the OpenXR companion app, it’s fantastic. I run at 125% size increase and find that ideal for me across different types of aircraft. Something I found useful when adjusting the world scale was to use the drone cam at an airport to stand next to a person and car. I set the drone cam to approximate head height, then physically stood up as if I was standing next to the person or car. It helped provide me with an equivalent real life comparison.

Occasionally I also like to stand up in the A320, 787, etc. and literally walk/move around the cockpit in VR whilst I’m flying (I have a Quest 2 that I sometimes use in wireless mode). Little things like the size of the cockpit door, handles, chair, dials etc. can also be a handy reference when determining what scale suits you best.



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