Sky Trails: Great Rivers of the American West #13

Sky Trails Presents:

Join us on this series of bush flights as we explore the greatest rivers in the Western United States including the Columbia, Snake, Colorado, Salmon, Green, and more. We follow these picturesque waterways as they wind through rugged mountains, deep canyons, and dusty prairies. We will fly as the locals do, flying our favorite bush planes and testing our landing skills on dirt, grass and gravel. Of course, in keeping with Sky Trails tradition, we will point out interesting natural, cultural and historical landmarks along the way.
So jump on in. The water is fine!

Colorado River (Colorado/Utah/Arizona/Nevada/California) Part 1

The mighty Colorado is one of the longest and most important rivers in the United States. Beginning high in the Colorado Rockies, and emptying into the Gulf of California 1450 miles later, it is a main water source for four southwestern states. In the next three flights we will follow this river through its most interesting section, weaving through narrow canyons, practicing our off-field and back country landing skills, and seeing how much dust we can kick up. Bring your favorite bush plane and fly with us.

*When: Wednesday September 21st, 2022 @ 1900z (UTC)

*Server: West USA

*Duration: 2 hours

*Suggested Aircraft: XCub or your favorite bush plane

*Cruise Speed: 120 KTAS

*Flight Conditions:
Multiplayer: All Players
Air Traffic: Off
Weather: Live Weather preferred but only if VFR conditions prevail.
Game Time: 6:00pm MDT

*For flight plans, detailed information, live chat, or just to hang out with some great guys, visit our Discord server:

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