Sky4sim virtual iPad (maps, frequencies, weather, pdf viewer and more)

The update has failed for me twice, strange as I used the in app update function with no problems for previous updates :thinking:

It launches an external windows installer now so keep an eye out for a new installer window etc.

I’ve now seem to have it working on my android phone, it’s just taken ages to download or make responsive. Main menu reachable now. Still seeing issues with Chrome on my Fire 10 Kindle tablet though, but seems to work well (and fast!) using Silk browser (maybe more up to date?)

Actually I only had time last night to start up the sim and verify that it was working on an Android tablet of mine. I didn’t even take off, so I guess I didn’t see any potential refresh issues that are there. I’ll take a look tonight though.

FYI I saw on the below link that they recommend accessing it through Opera browser. I haven’t actually tried it myself as am a VR only flyer :robot:

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It certainly seems to be worth trying different web browsers out. For me it is very slow/sluggish to respond even on Chrome on my phone until my flight all started up. I’m more used to a faster response on the desktop even from a browser based version.
Seemed fine after flighthad started though. The Silk broswer on my Fire HD10 absolutely blazed it with speed, not sure why. Maybe it’s just because I started it it when the sim was all runing.
Haven’t tried Opera out yet, but there are only so many browsers I want to have installed.

I’m still not happy with the tool. Some airports are still not shown in the map.
Example: LICJ, EDJA, LIRS,…

Did you regenerate the database? Also worth checking your filters as they can filter on say only ILS runways etc. I do however still note the absence of EDN NDB which is a main approach beacon to EGPH. Looks like I’ll have to report it directly.

Jepp, done. But it doesn’t work. At least EDJA and LICJ have ILS and should be shown.

Finally had a chance to try an actual flight, and refresh rate seemed just fine to me, using Chrome on an Android tablet (Lenovo Smart Tab M8).

Am I doing something wrong, or do the modifiers for shortcuts just not work?

I’m trying to set a Left Control modifier for opening / closing the pad and it won’t work. Restarted both sim and pad. Nothing.

Makes it really annoying when trying to type a clearance or something in the notes, and having the pad close when hitting the key.

Is it possible to just not have shortcuts?

Anyone experiencing black screen when hovering the mouse over Sky4SIM window in VR ? Everytime I bring my mouse over it, I get a black screen for 1 second and FPS seems to drop to 0.

It’s pretty annoying, I’ve stopped using the app since. :frowning:

I’m actually now noticing that no matter what I change the “open/close” hotkey to…It just doesn’t work.

The only hotkey that will open or close the pad for me is “V”.

I’ve tried reinstalling and that did not fix it.

Since the new version is released/installed, my Sim freezes at the start (before clicking on Continue) and then after opening the SKY4SIM Worldmap for each 10-20 seconds
Without Sky4sim everything is smooth