I would love to be able to jump out the plane and go Skydiving


Skydiving is as much a part of Aviation as piloting the aircraft themselves; because not only is it a recreational sport - but it’s also a necessity for getting to safety if something goes wrong.

How fun would it be to have Skydiving activities on a photo-realistic playground - that playground being our entire planet; being able to do so anywhere and everywhere.

Hang Gliding, Soaring/Glider flight and Skydiving are all in a similar category and it would be relatively easy to implement.


It all started with Pilotwings in 1991:

And then Paradigm Simulation’s Pilotwings 64 in 1996:

…now just let your mind wander and imagine just how amazing Skydiving would be in Microsoft Flight Simulator - with our entire planet as your playground…


But it is a FLIGHT simulator game, not a skydiving simulator game. If ya wanna pretend to carry skydivers up, then feel free. Get to jump altitude and yell Jeronimo.

Interesting skydiving. I did a video about 10yrs ago jumping out of an airplane in FSX.
Would have been nice to have an aircraft with the door removed.

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Flight is obviously a large part of Skydiving; as without it, there would be no Skydiving👍

Some parachutists jump from tall structures :parachute:

That’s Base Jumping, not Skydiving😉

I thought base jumping was what a mad baseball player did :baseball:


Good one!

I wonder if you could create a “plane” that simulated a skydiver. Slew to altitude and go for it.

It doesn’t seem like it would be hard to accomplish.