I would love to be able to jump out the plane and go Skydiving


How about wing suits, gliders and even an area for sky diving out of your plane - just for fun… not played yet so hoping we have water landers too.


We do have water landers! Well, one, at least - the Icom A5. You can land pretty much anywhere with that.

Skydiving is as much a part of Aviation as piloting the aircraft themselves; because not only is it a recreational sport - but it’s also a necessity for getting to safety if something goes wrong.

How fun would it be to have Skydiving activities on a photo-realistic playground - that playground being our entire planet; being able to do so anywhere and everywhere.

Hang Gliding, Soaring/Glider flight and Skydiving are all in a similar category and it would be relatively easy to implement.


It all started with Pilotwings in 1991:

And then Paradigm Simulation’s Pilotwings 64 in 1996:

…now just let your mind wander and imagine just how amazing Skydiving would be in Microsoft Flight Simulator - with our entire planet as your playground…


But it is a FLIGHT simulator game, not a skydiving simulator game. If ya wanna pretend to carry skydivers up, then feel free. Get to jump altitude and yell Jeronimo.

Interesting skydiving. I did a video about 10yrs ago jumping out of an airplane in FSX.
Would have been nice to have an aircraft with the door removed.


Flight is obviously a large part of Skydiving; as without it, there would be no Skydiving👍


Some parachutists jump from tall structures :parachute:

That’s Base Jumping, not Skydiving😉

I thought base jumping was what a mad baseball player did :baseball:

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Good one!

I wonder if you could create a “plane” that simulated a skydiver. Slew to altitude and go for it.

It doesn’t seem like it would be hard to accomplish.

Just like this guy? :innocent:

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:joy: Or, if no one else was on board, you could leave that note on the aircraft before you jump out. Not sure it would survive the wreckage however.

There seems to be a lot of interest in allowing some kind of first person mode (ex. The ability to walk around our planes).

Personally I’m all for it. This isn’t the same sim it was 10 years ago. With the amount of detailed scenery and add-ons, it would add an unbelievable new level of immersion to the sim.

Imagine starting a session with a friend at a parachute school, walking to the plane together, sharing a cockpit and then parachuting while your friend lands the plane.

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Looks like we will be seeing some kind of skydiving activity in MSFS 2024.