Skyline simulations dash 8

Hi! I found out a while ago that skyline simulations Are making a q100 for the sim :grin: They have been pretty quiet for some time now unfortunaly. I checked their news site that they are still working on it :+1: But isnt it weird that they dont update us once in a while? IT has been a long time scince i heard from them.


Tell me about it!!! I’ve been patiently waiting for KCVG (Cincinnati USA) since last year when they said they would release it in Aug 2021. And here we are. Honestly I gave up following them. I’ll fly other places.

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I dispatched the DHC-8-103 when I worked for Island Air (RIP) at PHNL. Several of my friends were pilots on the 'ole Smash 8, and now they’re long-time FOs on HAL’s A330-200! :slight_smile:

THANK YOU, @Galskap20 !!! I did not know about Skyline!

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A definite plus 1 from here…


I think the project is dead😔

yeah, pretty sure it is…

I’m gonna keep the torch lit!

So I checked the Skyline Simulation website again, and it doesn’t appear that anything has been updated. :frowning: I sent them a message through FB Messenger a few days ago but haven’t heard back. (edit) just tried again through another route.

(red flare into the sky)

I just got a message back from Skyline Simulations. GOOD news. They are still working very hard on the DHC-8-100/200! No ETA at the moment. First release is going to be XPlane, and then MSFS.

Happy Friday!


Are there any more updates on the dash 8?

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I just poked around the website and I don’t see any new info unfortunately. Fingers crossed though that it’s something they’re still working on. I know there’s at least a good handful of us that are waiting!

Is the dash 8 project dead?

I’m not certain of that but we haven’t heard anything. I’ve got my fingers crossed that it’s still going.

But its weird that their dash 8 news website dosent work anymore

All I can find is this page where they say the project is not dead. It is marked copyright last year, though. I’ll see if I can get in touch with them.

Just messaged Skyline through FB, and they responded:

“Hello. Happy new year. Our team are working on dash and Cessna Corvallis. About dash our progress is on texturing and programming.”

They also said to keep an eye on their FaceBook page and that they might post more progress photos. Oh, in a previous conversation, they said that the Dash 8 would first be released for X-plane, and that MSFS would follow.