Slew Mode?

Does MSFS 2020 have a ‘Slew’ mode ?

I can’t find it.

Go to Settings > Control Options > Switch Filter to “ALL” > Search for “Slew” > Click “Toggle Slew Mode” > Bind with button(s) for you wish to activate > Click “Validate” > Click “Apply and Save” > Enjoy!

What is slew life and when would you use it?

Thanks for that !

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Slew mode allows you to speed up long sections of flights or just ‘slew’ around your world, stop, spin around. I used it almost all the time in older versions of MSFS.

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I use slew mode all of the time. Really nice when I have to go from Paris to New York and don’t have 6 hours. Also great if you crash.

One thing to note, however, sometimes when you turn off slew mode the engines go back to idle or sometimes your airspeed will be zero.

Had the same issue and couldn’t find out whats happening with engines and airspeed. Thank you !!!

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