Slew - Not Smooth, Big Jumps Instead

Is anyone else experiencing problems with Slew making big jumps instead of smoothly moving the plane?

In FSX, I could smoothly slide the plane inches in any direction (great if you get in a bad spot on the ground and just need to tweak your position). In MSFS, using the same Numeric Keypad keys, the plane jumps something like a quarter mile (at least) with the slightest tap. Makes it impossible to use for fine positioning of the aircraft.

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I had same problem, touched joystick and was instantly a mile off the airport.

I use “teleport aircraft” via the flighevents its a rough entry due to loading but you can go anywhere, at any height. Not great for local movement, but if it’s that local, taxi/fly there. :grin:

The same for me. Slew mode with the num keypad is not usable. The plane jumps without control. Not like the FSX problem, after pressing slew mode on and the plane run out of sight. But here is no speed control.

I’ve submitted a bug report via Zendesk.

Same here :frowning:
As it is it’s impossible to use :rage:

Also, the default keys for translate and rotate (yaw) seem to be reversed.
The left arrow key translates you to the right, and the right arrow key translates to the left. Same for turning around the vertical axis (yawing).
I had to reassign those keys.

But it’s still unusable at the present.