Slooow FPS in VR with 471.11 driver

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On a reverb G2 with 3080 when I install the very latest 471.11 driver, I need to set WMR scaling at 45% to get acceptable VR FPS. With the good-old one year old driver we’ve all been using for months now (can’t remember version off the top of my head), I have no problem at 70% WMR scaling. Did anyone else get this problem? Fix? (Config: 3080, AMD 3060, 32Gig RAM, Reverb G2)

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GPU: 3080, CPU: AMD 3060, 32Gig RAM, Reverb G2

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Not yet. I want to make sure I am not the problem, hence this post.

I recently updated my driver as well but I can’t tell if any framerate changes are due to the new driver or change in weather conditions, scenery, altitude, speed, or any number of other variables. If there is a change it hasn’t been very dramatic for me.

i7 10700
RTX 2080
Reverb G2

I am still on 457.30 NVidea and use Oculus v.27 - this has been the most stable for me with a i-7700 and a 1080 GPU. I scale down some of the settings but to be honest its the smoothness I am after as well as some nice graphics to go with it. Touch and go, sometimes I have good days, sometimes not so good.