Slow installing speed

Microsoft Store Version

No developer mode is used

I got the gamepass yesterday and decided to install MSFS, but my speeds were really slow on the install although my actual internet speed is quite fast. Any help?

1660ti, 520GB SSD, I7-10750H, 200MBPS interne speed


Note - I tried disabling IP V6, and netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal

It always downloads with the fulll 100mbit of my internet connection here.

Don’t think this is a general problem.
The permanent unpacking beforethe download of the next package though is a bit time consuming.

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In the beginning (first 5mins of the download) it was all good, but then the speed suddenly dropped. Im connected to ethernet and theres nothing using my internet atm.

No idea what fixed it but it did get fixed after some fiddling, thanks

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