Slow Loading Scenery

Hi all,

I do my best not to complain! I was hoping I could get a bit of help.

Lately, Ive noticed that scenery (default airports, third party airports and landmarks etc) are taking a very long time to load.

For example, I was on final approach to YPAD whereby I have the ORBX Adelaide scenery and the Impulse Simulations YPAD. Both failed to load. Upon landing, it took about 10 minutes for YPAD to correctly load.

This also happened to me when landing at YMML (default scenery) whereby the airport failed to load. And again at Hobart which is third party.

It does get better if I spawn into that airport but not if I’m flying to it.

Not sure why it’s doing it now as it’s never done it before.


Same here, often when taxing on an Asobo airport, the taxi signs would only appear a couple of meters in front of me. The same on approach, things like parked cars and smaller buildings are loading while basically over the runway threshold. Same happens with buildings etc. TOD 125 in VR, unchanged for ages and this problem didn’t happen before SU9

Is not only you
This sim is very slow and performance is rubbish
Even fsx perform better

I had performance problems too when flying from YMHB to YPPH. The sim started to slow down after three hours of flight and finally crashed to the desktop on final approach.