Slow server - Photogrammetry is unusable


The servers have not been working properly for 1 week. Extremely slow server performance. Unusable photo geometry. I have a $4000 computer to use the MSFS simulator properly. I’m really bored, it upsets me that Microsoft couldn’t solve the server problems in 2 years. When will there be a change? When will we get regular service? I’m willing to pay a monthly subscription, just to get normal quality.

PG has worked totally fine here and my pings are in the 20‘s.

Log out of your XBox account, close the sim, log back in, start the sim. Usually this helps with a bad connection.

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Unfortunately, it didn’t get better…

I myself am connected to the European servers and have a ping of 43 (Germany) in MSFS, so it can’t be the MS servers. Microsoft cannot improve the connection quality of your provider. A high ping can have many different causes. More about this behind this link:

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