Slow streaming speed... what is the deal

Hey, I have 100mbps internet, however, the sim only ever uses 5mbps DL speed when streaming data… my setting in sim is set to unlimited. Anyone know what is up with this?

Can’t you set the cache size, I seem to remember it was relatively small, maybe that’s effecting the speed as it does not have much to download?

You mean the rolling cache? Mine is off.

you can set your bandwith in there mine is at unlimited, the cache is the landscape update i believe.

Maybe it simply does not need more?

50 mbit/sec is recommended and i am sure it often wants more. So it might be server stress at primetime (when US and European play times overlap), limiting everybody to a minimum amount?

I do have issues (like many) with photogrammetry looking nasty, and scenery pop ins… why advertise a certain internet speed if it doesn’t use it. Curious if you guys check yours what does it say?