Small Airports very detailed, bigger ones not

Hi, I wonder, why there are smaller airports in not that popular regions (p.e. HUEN) , having perfect lighting and are detailed as in the real word. Then you have bigger airports in Europe, that aren’t looking like their originals at all (p.e. EDDH). Even the litghting is missing at all. You can’t see anything on the airfield without having your lights running. What is the reason behind that?

3D object density puts a strain on PC resources.

You are comparing a hand-made airport by Asobo to a default airport that is mostly done by AI and only corrected manually. Those two are totally different beasts. Asobo released their hand-crafter airports all over the world. They picked a variety of either large commercial airports or smaller interesting airports in less-flown parts of the world.
I hope you are not expecting the same quality as HUEN in all 30,000 airports around the world?

Another question is when you compare smaller hand-made airports with larger hand-made airports. The larger ones are less detailed because they are large and as already said, more objects put a strain on your PC performance.

If you want more detailed EDDH, you have 2 hand-made add-on available.

First of all your post over-all is perfect, @Severeeno. Want to get that out of the way right up front.

I think the OP’s misunderstanding is that the bigger or more famous airports should be the focus, when the truth is, most of the worlds BEST airports are places you’ve never even heard of. And I think its cool that Asobo has not focused too much on big hubs.

You can be sure that every major airport in the world will get done by some 3rd party dev at some point, and accurate down to the bubble gum under the benches.

But the best of aviation isn’t the international airports. It’s the back waters. Just like the best things about automobiles isn’t the freeways, its the cars and coffee, or the little local race tracks.

If you’re a fan of big iron and long runways, don’t worry. They’ll all get done by someone.


Airports like EDDH are also usually done by third-party developers at additional cost. It makes sense to let Asobo/Orbx do smaller airfields because they are less complex and probably easier to do.

I recently bought the sim-wings (Aerosoft) EDDH and it’s almost perfect. A lot more detail even than anything Asobo put on the map, correct taxi positions, and also custom jetways.

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Thanks for the answeres. Yes, I just wondered, why bigger airports weren’t focused. Perhaps I should aim to some more unpopular airports for a virtual visit :slight_smile:

@MorsAbAlto84 what about the ILS System with that mod in EDDH? It seems, that the ILS in LOWW is broken with the Marketplace Version. Since I have bought and installed it, the ILS isn’t working anymore.

The ILS works fine and has the correct frequencies according to the charts I am using.

I have made approaches to 15 and 23, while I used the ILS of 05 and 33 for the FlyByWire A32NX RWY system. So it should all be good.

The sim-wings version is also much better than the Just Sim version. The way it blends into the photogrammetry is crazy. It has some areas with less detail (like inside the terminal, although even that has 3D people inside it waiting at the gates).

Performance is great. Can’t recommend it enough. Together with the freeware airfields for Stade and Uetersen it makes for a great Hamburg Scenery. I also recommend the VFR reporting point POIs that are available.

Which version of LOWW are you using?



Uetersen is beautifull:

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