Small bugs that we'd love to see fixed in SU9

Our sim still has quite a few serious/non-trivial bugs that Asobo should work on first. However, it also has some less significant issues that are worth mentioning because they seem really easy to correct. I mean such small things that, if we were Asobo developers, we would gladly correct even in our spare time, as dealing with each of them would not take more than ca. fifteen minutes. Maybe some Asobo developer will find this thread and take care of these bugs :slight_smile:

I strongly urge you guys not to post here about bugs that, although significant, are probably difficult to correct quickly (e.g. VR shimmering, AI traffic or airport services issues). It’s not the right thread for that. Thanks in advance!

My list:

  1. snow on the roads
    Get rid of the snow on runways, taxiways, aprons and roads
  2. missing flaps lever animations on all planes with such levers (SU5 regression)
  3. oversized moon
    Moon is too big in VR (and reflection on water always of a full moon)
  4. broken right flap animation on Shock Ultra
    Shock Ultra right flap animation partially broke
  5. fully synchronized avatar animations on JMB VL-3
    (see with the external camera in Gold Coast Discovery Flight)
  6. missing reflections on the little window and broken bolts on Virus SW121 (yes, I know, but it’s my favorite VFR plane :stuck_out_tongue: )

Not being able to adjust the time to the exact minute like you used to be able to.


One of the lighting knobs in the Caravan doesn’t animate when I turn it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I would take this more seriously but I don’t think Asobo will read this topic or fix any bugs in this fashion.

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For me the moon is way too bright id like to see it dimmed a little.

The stars are far too prominent. You cannot see every star in the atmosphere on the ground at an airport.

Turbulence is too severe over mountains

Stairs should be available at all gate sizes

Clouds need to cast shadows as you fly through them, they do to a degree but flying into realtively light cloud will cast shadows into the aircraft.

ATC & ATIS / AWOS winds being given in ft/sec instead of Knots

Both in scrolling text & audio


Due to redecorating I can’t get at my computer at the moment; I haven’t got SU8 yet so it may have been fixed, but…those marshalling wands.

When setting up a flight in the World Map and picking Departures or Arrivals from the drop down options.
The first option is hard to select as it picks up the scroll bar behind the option. You then have to fiddle the mouse just at the bottom edge of your choice.

I probably haven’t explained this bug very well so I will provide a screen shot later.


Could something please be done about route planning.
I’m on Xb and anything apart from A2B route planning is now a joke.
Please can we be able to plot a route from take off, fly a hand planned route and return to point A.
If for example I try to plot a route fir the Mach loop I can plot my take off point then it goes pear-shaped.
If I try to add a way point by hand it will only give me departure and arrival option. Some times and only sometimes will it allow me to add a way point but it won’t allow it to be in any logical sequence. It plots back and forth between depart and arrival but not in the order I want to fly the route.
I’m pulling my hair out.

I do hope I’m not the only one with this issue.

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Registration being displayed on the TBM

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Manhattan should sparkle at night , even from a distance - lighting too dim.
ATC telling me to “expedite my climb” when I am on a descent for landing.

For me it has to be the VFR bug that was introduced in SU5:

This still hasn’t been fixed and still get the really annoying ‘Time Climb’ and ‘Time Approach’ waypoints.

I can remember it being raised with Seb a few Q&A’s ago, he said he’ll look into it and still nothing has been done


For me it’s the logbook hours not being counted at all . I’ve been stuck since February with the same hours and no changes . Never used dev mode either as this all of a sudden happened during the beta testing .

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Actually have taxi way bridges over the roads and not having the ai disappear and reappear

I would like to pan in the cabin with the mouse without it blocks my controls


Not so much a program bug, but more a Design oversight –

When running in Window mode, it is easy to hit the X that closes MSFS, when one wants to hit the Minimize icon … etc etc

When X’ing Out, an " Are You Sure popup" , would save a lot of prematurely ended flight, and a lot of frustration.


View of the HUD on 787 back to how it was

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This is actually a pretty big bug… A lot of the time on the world map, i can set a departure and a destination, but cant “add” any additional waypoints. The “add” option os not even clickable, ot it just doesnt react.

Anyone else?


I just want to get the weather radar to refresh on xbox. That is still not fixed

  1. Fix log book logging for bushtrips to log without having to go back to main menu after every leg.

  2. Fix the “set best mixture” mixture set keybind. It use to work fine but now leans to about 5%, cuts the engine and then won’t allow you to readjust without shutting down and restarting the engine.

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Steveyram78, I agree with you 100%. How can something as Basic as this go unfixed for so long? VFR Flight Planning and Flying has been no fun since SU5 for me.

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