Small bugs that we'd love to see fixed in SU9

Vertical rather than horizontal rain on some windows, like on the Robin DR400, and a small window on the C208 Caravan. (Always had this)

Using the right mouse button to look around whilst moving controls (SU5 regression)

Using the right mouse button and the scroll wheel at the same time to zoom, without it then blocking right mouse button only to look around

Transponder lights working again (SU5 regression)

Missing marshalling wand on close LOD (SU5 regression)

Mouse cursor not lining up with the world horizontally when the render scale is not 100%. You have to place the cursor to the side of what you want to select!

  • Bush trip and other achievement progress being reset. Make these part of the cloud save.
  • Bush trip pois and route disappearing from the vfr map.
  • Custom weather not loading into the flight.
  • Time climb waypoint and all its siblings.
  • Fuel resetting to 50% after going into the settings to configure something.
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Everyone keep forgetting this one. Microsoft please open the aircraft doors in Sim update 9.


Microsoft / Asobo – Please just do your best.

I do not expect Perfection from a $60 piece of software, that is planned for a 10 year lifetime, and if I do not expect Perfection, then I will not be disappointed.

Hear ye hear ye! Small but slightly annoying :slight_smile:

Two things:

I think everyone already knows what you mean :slightly_smiling_face:

I have one more.

broken propeller animation on Pilatus PC-6

I think I almost figured out what is happening with the magic baton :sweat_smile:

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Please link ATIS and Tower. Usually the cleared runway is not the approach/runway reported to be in use by ATIS.

Been that way since August 2020.


Waaaaay too much snow on airport movement and disappearing/floating TWY/RWY lights upon arrival at airports are the two current show stoppers for me that keep me from spending a single cent on payware addons at the moment (made an exception on all of pyreegue sceneries due to the current attack of russia on ukraine).

Cloud edges in VR, so pixelated and look like Tetris blocks coming down


Just a small one that gets me every time. I click on the drop down menu to select departure airport and I start to type. But then I remember I have to make another click into the box before I type. I wish you could just click and type with one click like 99% of other websites/applications/programmes!


A SU5 regression no less and yes one of my most hated bugs/issues/regressions (amongst many…).

I‘m not sure if it’s a SU5 regression. I remember having noticed it already during the first weeks after release.

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Cloud edges in VR was deffo a SU5 regression, they were smooth and lovely since SU2 VR release up until that point.

Here’s another vote for cloud edges in VR.

Also, I would love to see the AI strobe and landing lights not disappear the moment they touchdown on landing.

Xbox - The ability to use the on screen numpad and keyboard with the mouse.

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They might have got worse with SU5, as so many other things, but I remember pixelated clouds right from the beginning, both in pancake and in VR mode. But I agree, it‘s annoying and I hope they fix it.