Small bugs that we'd love to see fixed in SU9

Here’s another vote for cloud edges in VR.

Also, I would love to see the AI strobe and landing lights not disappear the moment they touchdown on landing.

Xbox - The ability to use the on screen numpad and keyboard with the mouse.

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They might have got worse with SU5, as so many other things, but I remember pixelated clouds right from the beginning, both in pancake and in VR mode. But I agree, it‘s annoying and I hope they fix it.



The 737max was updated with an Easyjet livery, complete with Easyjet winglets.

This is what I find a bit irritating about Asbos approach to the title. This is probably the simplest thing to fix but nothing gets done for months. The whole update system seems to be bogged down by its mechanism and the result is hardly anything gets fixed quickly.

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Easyjet don’t use the 737

They do now… :joy:

:joy::joy: just put the lettering on the bloody a320 thats all we want

AI Traffic vacates the runway faster, that’s all I want.

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  1. The white flashing and camera reposition while ending the flight in VR. It usually happens when turning off avionics or main battery. But I seem to be the only one bothered by that. :smiley: I really hate it with a passion.

Otherwise I’m quite happy.

Smaller moon and more realistic looking night sky would be nice haves. But I’m amazed at how accurate the positions of the stars and planets is.

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I don’t know why but it’s one of my favorite features in 3rd party airplanes!

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external free hangar view for airliners locked, therefore no longer available, for the past eight months now since SU:5


Do we still have the planes flying behind the stars?
I remember it was quite disturbing in VR but I don’t see that much planes in the sky.

The moon, big yes to this, feels like we’re gonna have world ending tsunami! :sweat_smile:


I thought I was the only person who was going crazy regarding that one!

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AI aircraft that have contrails that are independent to your aircraft, i.e. at the moment there are no contrails unless you have contrails yourself. Even FSX could work that out. Bizarre.

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I would like to see if they fix this: Invisible force put me to the right of the runway off - #15 by ArisenAutumn59 in the next update :slight_smile:

Not sure if anyone has mentioned it, but parking the airliners is a pain. Turning off the engines resets the flight and not only is the jetway disconnnected, but if you forgot to turn off the auto AI comms, your first officer will be requesting for pushback.

In the easy to fix category would also be…

  1. The pushback motor/tug wanders through your aircraft like a ghost looking for the front wheel before finally snapping to the front wheel once it’s located it. All they need to do is hold the animation until the routine that is looking for the front wheel has found it, and then turn on the animation of the pushback motor/tug at that point.

    Front wheel found = Yes, then
    animate pushback motor/tug

  2. Fix the big white rectangles where the registration number should be on static parked aircraft at airports.

  3. There are static float planes parked at airports with their floats half buried in concrete. Get rid of them.


I would like to see lightning in real weather.