Small uses of GPU ram & CPU ram

Hi, i use fs2020 on a PC with 32 Go de RAM and video card NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Laptop with 8Go
With nvidia Experience i can see uses of them ; and its ridiculous (3 Go CPU et 2 Go GPU)
Before this report, i thought that windows 10 is faster with large RAM ; but about FS2020, no effects
Is it possible to configure windows and / or FS2020 to increase usage of these RAM
Sincerly yours

Nope, more RAM won’t make it faster.

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1/ I would like to know which software component limits the amounts of use of GPU and CPU RAM
2/ When you have so much RAM, a priori never fully used, is it relevant to delete the virtual disk space that you can define for Windows?
3/ Windows 11, compared to Windows 10, is it better able to manage 32 GB of RAM and allocate more for applications?

Sincerely yours, (sorry for bad english)

I believe there are two main factors that determine how the sim performs.

  1. CPU throughput.
  2. Network bandwidth.

GPU throughput is of course important as well.

  1. Windows memory management subsystem.
  2. No because bad things happen when memory is exhausted and there is no virtual memory. Also, depending on the amount of RAM and the running applications Windows starts moving parts of RAM to virtual storage between 60% and 75% utilization.
  3. Presumably Windows 11 should have better overall subsystem performance than Windows 10 although I haven’t seen any benchmarks.