Smaller aircraft: real-life commercial use examples

Ha! Well done, I could have saved myself the typing and just posted that.

This is great!

You actually fly MSFS, look at the landscape, and report for IRL findings?


Well, I haven’t found anything new in MSFS yet, but plenty in Google Earth. It is one of the ‘activities’ I do though as an excuse to fly around areas I’m not that familiar with in the UK. There’s a bunch of really nice small airstrips for the south-east of England by BurningBlueDesign that I’m gradually buying and each time I get one, I explore that area looking for archaeology.

A lot of people assume that everything has been found, or that amateurs can’t contribute, but in reality dozens of new sites are found by people poring over freely available aerial data every year.

Oh, I forgot another one I came across: cloud-seeding for hail prevention.

You need to be aware that the landing fees at major airports for non-locals are often exorbitant so GA are going to need a very good reason to land there.

oh oh … and Chem-trails for mind control of the population of course !!

… and while we are at it - smuggling cocaine


lol… but just in case someone believes this isn’t real: I spoke to the pilot, looked at the silver iodite dispenser, declined going with him on a ride and later saw a TV documentation about him. He’s hired by the local wineries mostly.

I have a friend that flew King Air C-90s spreading sterile fruit flies in California. Lots of back and forth, tight grid flying.

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What are good resources to research IRL usage of aircraft across the globe?

Flightaware search by aircraft type seems to give me US results only.

But I do llike to look at some, and maybe open the owner company’s website to see what they do.

This is the company my friend flew for:

I have their Earls Colne Airfield, which is just a few miles from my home and is where I took my first 2-seater flight from. It’s very accurate indeed!

These look gorgeous!

How is long-term support for payware airports? I mean, free ones I just throw out and don’t shed a tear, when an update breaks it.

Burning blue update their airfields if there’s a problem. If you use discord, there’s a lot of info there, support, new releases etc. Seem like an excellent developer.

As EnjonUK said, Burning Blue seem to be a good developer, and have produced 21 different smaller airports for MSFS so far. They are proactive in their support, and contactable in the case of an issue. Other developers have come and gone in the time since it was released for different reasons, even some whose products are in the marketplace. These things rely on human beings after all.

As for the future, who can say what might happen, but that applies to literally everything apart from death and taxes!