Smaller and colored nameplates for traffic (Updated 2021-01-29)

Thanks, I’ll take a look

Any chance you could whip this up with your sizing and margin fixes, but with the original background and font, color?

I’ve reworked them and added various colors including the original combination. See my original post :slight_smile:

I’d need some feedback from people running 4K or 1440p if the font looks alright since the scaling is based on the vertical screen resolution, but should be proportional.

Since there will be some modification with the nameplates in the upcoming patch (performance), I’m not sure if this mod will work afterwards. I hope they don’t touch the stylesheet.

Good work. Thanks.

I checked the files but couldn’t find the taxi ribbon :frowning: So I can’t change it.
Most of the 2D stuff of the game is made from simple HTML, JavaScript and CSS. But the 3D models are harder to mod.
I hope that Asobo makes at least a toggle shortcut for them (and the nameplates).

What could be changed though are the POI/airport/gate markers, I’ll have a look to make them smaller and maybe more transparent as well.

Currently it seems like parts of the UI were created in a way that it works on a TV (for XBox) from further away, which is annoying for PC simmers…


1440p user here, I’m using the smaller but improved original nameplates and everything works very well. I might switch over to the darken green though, I can definitely see the appeal now.


Did you try a purple color?
Could be that if it were a brighter purple it might stand out well.

No, really, purple is the opposite of what I intended to to :smiley:
Feel free to modify the .css file in the package, I left some comments so you can easier find the right settings at the top of the file.

Sincerely thank you for even trying! You THE MAN!

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Do you know whether there is any scope for getting range inserted into the nameplates? This seems the most important omission when compared with P3D and earlier labels.

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Well, there’s a script filling and updating the data of the nameplates, it gets a data array from the main code containing some values.
There are traces of the Speed being shown but seemingly they decided not to include it anymore (or yet).
The same way, they could provide more data, like distance, heading etc., but currently all data provided is already displayed.

I’m thinking of modifying it for me so that only altitude is displayed under the name, since the other stuff is distracting (on AI aircraft, the origin airport is shown, but what for??).

You might want to open a wishlist thread to include more data since that exceeds what I can do with the resources.

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I’m digging the radar green. I don’t need anything more. Thanks so much!

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Not sure what I am doing wrong: I unzipped the file to the community folder but still have the old name tags! Any ideas? probaly me doing spmething silly!

You should have the folder “cppr-nameplates-small-…” in your Community folder and that should be it.
Please check if it contains a folder and 2 files.
Also restart your MSFS of course.
Other than that I have no idea what could have gone wrong. I tested all the variations myself this way.
Do you have other mods/addons that work and are placed in the same Community folder?

Thanks for your help: yes its in the right place and contains the folder and two files. I have amodded Airbus in there which loads fine. One thing I do have is the main game installed on another drive and the community folder in the app location on the main drive. Perhaps that is a problem?

That shouldn’t matter, usually the “Official” and the “Community” folders are on the same drive at least and I’m just overriding one file that is in the “Official” folder.
Theoretically it could be that if another mod changes the same file, they are conflicting, but I don’t think an A320 mod would do this.

Which of the versions did you choose? Maybe try a different one to see if that helps.
Other than that I cannot really help.

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I tried blue but will try a couple of the others.

Ah no wait: the Airbus isnt loading as i thought! Something is wrong my end as I guessed! Will probably need to re install the whole ■■■■ thing! Great little addition by the way!

Created my own edition.
No ALT and CALLsign, white color with border.


Looks good too, I like white at day, but it’s too bright at night.
You could have a try with the opacity in that case to find a middle ground for the scenarios.

I’ve modified mine for me to only show altitude below the nameplate since that is useful for formation flying in multiplayer (where speed and distance would be great as well but not available).

Funny story by the way - the javascript contains a test algorithm, but the tester/coder seems not very familiar with the topic. There’s variables called “PLAIN_TYPE” and “PLAINE_SPEED” where obviously PLANE_* would’ve been correct :smiley:
Not sure what that says about the quality of the product…

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