Smaller and colored nameplates for traffic (Updated 2021-01-29)

Quite right! Got this working now. Fantastic! thanks. I installed windows 2004 recently and it was compressing folders even though I hadnt asked it to do so. Got rid of that and everything is fine!

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Thanks a million for the mod…LOVE IT!

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Updated the mod to work with the new update of MSFS.
You’ll have to download your preferred version again, delete the previous folder in your Community folder and copy the new version there.

The version of the manifest seemingly has to be at least equal to the packaged that it’s overriding, so I increased it much higher to account for future updates.

Now that the nameplates no longer cost so much performance, they’re really a joy to use :slight_smile:


Much appreciated sir! :smiley:

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Thank you very much, much appreciated !

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Thank you,

Those original name plates just take away so much from realism. Prefer the radar style.


Moved the whole project to GitHub - check out the initial post for the link, including all instructions, previews, download etc.
There you can contribute if you have a new variant or simply make a fork to modify your own version of it.

In the meantime I switched to green, since it is the best readable for me :slight_smile:


Now THAT makes sense. They look great! Thank you, sir.

Is there a way to add “Distance” to the displayed data.

It would be nice to know how far away those blips are.

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No, there is not more data provided than is displayed. That’s something you could post in the Wishlist category if there is no such post yet.

Very good, but i would love a hotkey to turn nameplates on and off rather than go back and forwards in the menus, like to turn them off for screenshots

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Then you, too, should make a thread in the wishlist category if there is none yet.
I have no influence on that.


Awesome mod. The small green looks great.

Looks like patch broke them again.

I have the blue coloured one, and they are almost unreadable at night. It’s like the blue text has a dark surround, making it look very blurry. It gets better when you get closer, which shouldn’t matter, but certainly seems to.

I’m still downloading, other mods also report that they seem no longer to work for some people. It seems to come down to an issue that MSFS does not load the Community folder after patching. For some one or more restarts solves the issue.

I’ll check what happens with mine and if it’s about the mod and not just a restart issue, I’ll create an update.
Maybe try restarting and see if it works now. Would be nice to know if that helped or if the issue is permanent.

I’ll try that out to see if another combination would help. The dark shadow around it should make it better readable in daylight on blue sky background. Hard to find a combo that works in all conditions but also is not as big as the regular ones.

I’ve not revisited that mod, but I might try green next time I do. Blue was fine in most cases before.

Just checked, the Community folder is disregarded by MSFS on first launch (also all liveries etc are missing). But after the restart all mods including this one work again.
So please check on your side, there is no need to update the mod for the patch

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Yup that worked next restart all is well Thank You for the Mod BTW has made it so much nicer

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Hey all,
since the green version is the most popular so far, I created a v2 version for it, now available on github (check my initial post).

The main changes are:

  • Letter spacing on the name to improve readability
  • Dark background which has rounded corners and spans only as far as needed for the name
  • Details (if provided by the game) only show the altitude (plane type and origin airport are hidden)

It is now also much better readable at day and night but still less bulky than the regular ones.

I’m interested in feedback on this one, especially for higher resolutions than 1080p.
Also there are comments in the included .css file as an orientation if you want to try things out yourself. The original css is basically unreadable…

Have fun!
@simtom2: You can give it a try now if you like :slight_smile:

cppr-nameplates-v2-green_day cppr-nameplates-v2-green_night