Smaller player nameplates

I can see groups of players hundreds of miles away and with their huge labels they’re really an eye sore


Hey @AgonizingLeek24. You can turn those labels off in Options / General / Traffic with the “Show Traffic Nameplates” setting.

Also, you might try to make them smaller using this guide. The guide pertains to cockpit tooltips, but I believe this setting will also make those AI and multiplayer tags smaller as well. Give it a try and let me know.

I think a setting for limiting the distance that labels are visible would be helpful, but the labels are useless without showing the distance to the other player! Right now I can’t tell if they are 1 mile away or 200 miles away.

I will try the tweak for label size as that is also quite annoying. They are huge and mostly full of dead space.


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Turning them off isn’t the Solution. The Tweak for the Label Size Effects all other Menu Settings too. Also ATC Window and others.
I second the need for a Distance Setting. And the Label itself should show the Distance to the Plane. Maybe Selectable for Name, Hight, Speed and Distance.


Yes this is an excellent idea. Player nameplates are being displayed hilariously far away. So far away that what is the point?

I third the suggestion for a settable radius for display nameplates. If that is too much to ask, then I suggest limiting nameplates to the rendering distance of the aircraft themselves.

The overall theme being: If you can’t see their plane, why see their name?


And preferably also the registration. i.e PH-JCB in my case.
I know that would cause chaos when several planes us the same registration but I’d take te risk.
Another point is that it would be useful to be able to have radio contact with planes in close distance apart from discord.

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You can use my mod with smaller nameplates [UIMOD] I want to introduce my mods to you

But distance of view is strange and uncontrolled

too big too big too big

That does look pretty silly. I just disable those name tags and it looks more real.

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This is what you need.

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The first thing I changed was when the MOD came out

chompsy’s mod is much appreciated but I’ve switched to [uimod]. It’s a collection of five mods that can be selected individually. The uimod-mugz-tinyplates enables you to toggle the nameplates on/off with the F11 and F12 keys. The uimod-mugz-tinypoi reduces the size of poi markers a bit and alters the way they’re displayed a bit too. Those are the only two of the five that I use.

You can edit one of the tinyplate files to change what two keys toggle them on/off. I’ve haven’t done that though so I can’t help you there.

For those that use it, they rely on it. However, I totally agree with the thrust of this topic. With regard to the range issue, why not decrease the opacity of the tag or change colour with increasing range? For the record, I have used those tags once and think they are horrific. A key binding that would let you dump them in an instant (or turn them on, for those so inclined) could be very useful.