Smoke - Bitterroot Valley, Mt

My “Jr.” system is working great - last several flights best ever - what an improvement over the last year, and recent months !

Today’s flight was Jackson Hole, Wyoming, over to Missoula, Mt. Having personal knowledge of the Bitterroot Valley (southern) approach to KMSO, I know smoke is a yearly issue in the valley - often involving “bad air” public warnings. I dropped into the valley from the Sapphire Mts. just east of the valley, and within minutes flying north to KMSO - was surrounded, enclosed within a very realistic, brown / gray / yellow tinged “fog”.

Congrats to MSFS & Asobo for the improvements. Hope they keep coming !

Happy, long-time simmer !

Moved to #flying:world-discovery as this is a more appropriate category. Glad you’re enjoying the sim.

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