SmoothTrack manual setup?

When I initially installed SmoothTrack it worked automatically and was great!

After upgrading the sim it lost all configuration. I’ve since reinstalled open track, SmoothTrack and also re-downloaded a clean copy of MSFS 2020 yesterday.

SmoothTrack shows up in Controls area as VJoystick configuration but has no bindings.

Tried to manually set it up but when starting the game my view spins around in a circle and won’t stop!

How do I re-bind? I don’t know which axis or input to use. Has anyone created a guide for manually setting it up in MSFS?

There is plenty of information here:
Good luck.
Installed last night, 10minutes adjusting sensitivties etc on the telepone and then it workes like magic.

I had it working when I first set it up. But it has stopped since I updated the sim.

SmoothTrack works great in XPlane and War Thunder but doesn’t work in MSFS2020 anymore.

Mine works in MFS2020, I had issues when I realized I tried to download it into Rules x2 so deleted everything and reinstalled. All good, but the smoothtrack sensitivity and offset settings, that I wonder about. Where should they go for medium speed and what is offset??