Snow cover and altitude, Live Weather

So, I decided to explore using snow for the first time. And I am pretty disappointed in how this seems to be implemented.

I live in Vancouver, there’s rarely snow on the ground, but not far off to the North the mountains are snow covered all winter. So I was hoping this could be reflected in some way. But I can not find a way. Either there’s snow everywhere or not at all. Just a “snow depth” slider is WAY to simplistic. If it’s not going to use any real world data about snow variation by area or altitude, at least let me set snow by altitude like I can set cloud levels and density.

And Live weather? Well, it puts snow all over the entire Vancouver area as of now. We haven’t had any snow in weeks in the lower mainland. And that was just a few days and probably the only snow we’ll see this winter.

Is there any hope this will get better? That it may vary by altitude or other more realistic factors at some point in the future?

I guess I should be thankful there’s any snow control at all. Most sims don’t even have that! But man, they could have done this much better. And Spring/Fall? Any way that’ll come? Or is the Bijan Studio add on mod the only way we’ll ever see seasons in MSFS?

Also of note is the snow covered runways at large airports used to keeping runways open 24/7 all winter long. That seems a glaring oversite.

Hi @Dylanear,
Your area is like where I live in Montana, USA. I also get no snow on the ground until I’m about 50NM from the airport. But if it’s currently snowing in real life, that does show up in the sim for me… just no ground cover.

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