Snow line too far south

The snow line is set too far south. It needs to be moved about 1200 to1500 miles north.
As an example I live in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada; airport CYXY.
This time of year there is no snow below 6000 ft. yet in the sim the ground is covered in snow and it is now July.
It would be nice if this could be adjusted in a future update.

Thank you,

Hi Harry,

If you haven’t done so, please file a Bug Report on Zendesk. You can create a new ticket by clicking the “Submit a Request” link on Zendesk’s navbar. This is the preferred method.

You do not have to log in to Zendesk, but logging in allows you to easily track your support tickets in the future.

I am not sure you need to bother with bug reports at this point, although the more they get the bigger the hope this gets resolved at some point. This is a known issue, where show cover does not match, and altitude based snow-line is not simulated, only area-based snow cover is. You will never see snow-line in the sim as it is in real life (Except if that snow line is baked into the satellite imagery, e.g. in permafrost regions/glaciers.). So, e.g., while on Iceland these days the temperature around sea level is 15-20 degrees, there are huge areas in the sim, where there is snow on the ground even down to the sea, no matter that the weather in the sim is also 15 degrees (matching real weather well). See the main thread about this here: Snow Cover or No Snow Cover