Snow partially at low altitudes at 19°C in LOWI

may be in su11

Su12 or maybe Su13 would be fine too. Snow from November until March may be right.

i joked about they will fix that in the next winter long time ago. so this time wasn’t a joke. they can fix it in the winter. but it will works some later. i hope… and don’t sure if we haven’t something like that in deep south hemisphere. rare fly there. if there we have some same cheat with snow under +15*c. so in that case, winter is same native time to fix it


Still absolutely baffling how little attention this immersion breaking bug gets. I wonder if really that many users simply fly with weather presets or outside affected regions…


They don’t even talk about this really big problem in the live Q&A. Pretending it’s not a problem.
Asobo, please give us proper data of snow coverage in the alps.
We have a massive heat wave and Asobo still freezes lakes in Switzerland, France, Austria. It’s ridiciolous.


The unbelievable truth is: I DID put a question online for one of the last Q&A, it was accepted, ranked 10th and fully ignored in the corresponding session. Then, for the next Q&A session, I logged the same question again and it was “deleted” because only questions for SU10 Beta were allowed… one could think there is an agenda behind this…


Just keep bumping this thread until its number 1… we had about 10cm of snow on the top 200m of mountains in austria… AND THE ENTIRE ALPS ARE NOW IN SNOW AGAIN.
For heavens sake SORT IT.

don’t know would it be help to devs solve that. but i add one more comment lol. as mentioned before. if you see that problem, just use 3rd party real weather for problems region. for now it’s only one way have normal terrain in some time of year and real weather. msfs live weather still and will uncertain time broken in some regions of canada, alaska, europe wherever it is yet

The brand new custom airport in the world update canada, Bella Coola (CYBD)


Honestly its laughable, physics and thermodynamics itself is broken.

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We should keeping reporting it as bugs in bug reports… i’m affraid of winter coming as you can’t see runway and taxiway anymore when there is snow… or you have to stop live weather.
It’s pretty annoying because the coverage given by MSFS with the snow, most airports would be closed haha.

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Can it be that it’s location dependent?
I’ve flown in and out of Bella Coola (CYBD) too the last recent days, and the area surrounding the airport was also covered in snow and the inlet was frozen. It was the only area in the wider region that showed snow and ice, with everything else still green.

Edit: Also I noticed that the temperatures on the ground was 4° Celsius and climbing out of the airport outside temperature rose to 15° Celsius.

Greenland is under perpetual winter, even with 20°c in some parts.

This week i started again from LOWI after SU11. And what should I say. I’m speechless. It was still green in Innsbruck and in the Inn Valley. A little further up the mountains were a little bit covered with snow and on the top all peaks was white. Great!!!

You were lucky. I was there an hour earlier. 5° C, 100% snow cover including runway and taxi ways.

Have faith:

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Yeah, the cleared roads and runways looks good. But since day one of the sim I’ve never seen the roads and runways in snow like that, so I don’t know which version of the sim Seb was using, saying that they had that already before it broke, but it sure wasn’t mine.

And of course this solution isn’t a solution for the main problem with snow: that there is snow in the first place where shouldn’t be any.

Some shots from February 2021. Note how the roads are not only not clear of snow but they are the only thing with snow on them in some parts:

And some shots from June (as in summer!) 2021. Yeah … that’s snow in the valleys at 25 C° (77 F°). Note the roads and the runway:

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it seems that Asobo now will look into it, hopefully the bugfix will be here before (nothern hemisphere) spring

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Ok, next flight - 8°C - and SNOW in the valley

Ouch, I can almost forgive the inaccurate snow coverage if those live weather clouds could be restored. I really hope they include that in the upcoming talks with Meteoblue.

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