SO, Am I correct in assuming that a note to ZEN DESK is futile?

Ive never heard of anyone getting anything fixed thru the zendesk.

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you’re wrong, since it’s the only official way to file bug reports.

Do tickets get directly solved for specific users? No, but the bugs get added to the their internal tracker.

Keep using it, it’s a lot more effective than posting in the forums for bug reports.

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A few weeks back I went back through the numerous scenery bugs I logged, issues with airports, and the like, and took the time to visit each one again, and all those issues were still there.

Not high priority stuff at all, but by the same token, something a competent user of the SDK could probably fix in 5 minutes.

and if you don’t report them they will never get fixed. Would you rather have ‘never’ or ‘eventually’?


So, a note to zen desk just adds the issue to stuff they will eventually fix? Or will they respond to my problem eventually?

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I don’t disagree, just reporting what I have experienced. It hasn’t put me off logging things.

I think if they are still like it a year from now, I may re-evaluate that. :wink:

when your Zendesk ticket gets marked as ‘solved’ it means it’s been added to their internal tracker, and has been prioritized.

Imagine there might be 100’s or even 1000’s of people reporting the same issue, I’d rather have them use their time to fix that issue, rather than use their time replying to individual tickets.

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ZenDesk is supposed to be a support system. That’s not how Asobo use it. All they do is log the issues reported through ZenDesk into their internal issue tracker then mark it as “solved”. It may work for them internally, but it creates a real confusion for clients who are having issues.

So you’re correct in saying nothing ever gets directly fixed from filing a ZenDesk ticket. The likelihood your issue will be dealt with 1 on 1 between you and Asobo is next to nil from what I can tell.

But your issue does get logged internally. At some point, it will likely be addressed when they get enough reports of a said issue from enough different users. So it does serve a purpose. Just not the purpose that we as customers expect when filing a trouble ricket.

Must say I’m not too bothered by this. If they were to respond to each ticket individually then it’s likely the ticket system would get outsourced to an Indian call center, and we all know how much good that does.

The issue is that it creates confusion for users. Not everyone who owns MSFS is on these forums. And even in that small subset of overall owners of the sim, not everyone understands how ZenDesk works.

It’s advertised as being the support system. When User A is having an issue and reports it to tech support, they expect to get some kind of reply from tech support besides being told the problem is “solved” without it actually being fixed or some canned reply that means nothing.

In any case, you and I understand what it is. But I’d wager the vast majority of users who report issues there don’t know that, and it leaves them feeling like they have no support for their issues. In many cases, they’re actually correct. If someone is having an issue downloading the sim and none of the canned suggestions Asobo give them work, then they’re basically screwed.

I have stories of personal experience with that… However, this is not the place for them… lol

It would certainly help if tickets weren’t marked as ‘solved’, but as ‘closed - prioritized’ or something along those lines instead.


When I upgraded to the Premium Deluxe, there was an issue with the download, and I couldn’t get my content. It wasn’t just a download issue at that point. It outright told me I didn’t own the DLC at all.

I filed a ZenDesk ticket. A week later, it still hadn’t been looked at. I spammed ZenDesk with a bunch of other messages. They marked it as “solved” and closed it. In that time, NO ONE contacted me directly about this. It took me posting a very inflammatory post in the forums with a title I knew would get the mods’ attention before one of the community managers got in touch with me about it and fixed it.

Had I not been on the forum, or didn’t know how their ZenDesk works, I’d likely still be waiting for a reply to my “solved” issue.

Short answer: No, you are not correct.

Filing a Zendesk report is the most efficient way the team has to input issues into their internal bug and feedback tracker, which in turn allows them to see popular and key reports and prioritize reports based on severity.