So happy to be back, But, need some info, plz

I Quite msfs2020, in anger, after game would not load, after 17th sep ,update. Despite following advice from this forum and you tube, i even re loaded X,plane 11, i still have my vat sim ID, been flying msfs2020 since the launch, Then yesterday i loaded up tried once more but still after choosing my destination, EGKK Gatwick, home! FLY…freeze,so i then chose a destination, USA…BINGO straight in had a wonderful flight, so then i went back to load EDDF Munich, no probs, then i checked my managed downloads, and there it was UK England up date NOT INSTALLED, UPDATED 3.4GB but still no Gatwick so theres my problem, but i dont care at least im Back flying, then i went back and loaded fly by wire A320NX, 2nd prob, iv lost the W button that puts you in pilot seat, and ALT numspad won’t select a view, so i cant save seating view,to enable me alter values in the cfg,file, for those beautiful through wing window views, i had prior to Sep 17th 2021. Thx for your patience reading my probs, any advice on any of these issues. Many thx

Aren’t those X-plane commands?

For FS2020, use F for the standard (pilot) front view. Also Ctrl-1 etc steps through the instrument views.

To set your own viewpoints, use Ctrl-Alt-1 etc to set the view, and Alt-1 etc to switch to it once set. (NB use normal number keys, not number-pad).


!!Doh !! Yes they are…sorry, well spotted…

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