So How Do I Get Microsoft to Take My Money?

I am now in a place I have been before. Click on content in the Marketplace and I get the message that the purchase is pending. It is not pending, Microsoft has a convoluted purchasing process in place and something is wrong in the long and convoluted process. Bottom line: I cannot purchase anything. I am tired of this. I do not want to have to (a) try Run as Administrator or not Run as Administrator, (b) try logging out of something and logging back in, (c) pushing buttons and then restarting the computer, (d) re-installing anything, much less the entire program which will take me two days. Every other program I have purchased, on or off Steam, has a seamless process for purchasing DLC. Never a problem. Microsoft needs to solve this issue, not me. If they do not, I will solve it by refusing to spend another penny on Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. End of story.

I have purchased over $300 on the marketplace no problems at all…

Maybe this can help?

You need to turn on Steam Overlay when purchasing within marketplace.

I have fixed the problem, but my question remains, “Why is this so difficult?” Purchasing content is the heart of any game or simulation. You should not have to do rigorous research or apply work-arounds to do so. Fundamental Business 101. If they cannot make this easy, how can we expect them to fix other bugs or problems?

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