So, how's the sim doing now?

So, where’s the sim at now?

Took a break a month or so ago, wanting to come back but wanted to do a quick temp check of the forums to see where it’s at. I’m interested in both general aviation and the airbus neo, but the planes and the weather and options menu was a mess when I last played.

How’s the new update? has it improved anything?


Yesn’t. I see a lot of happy and non happy simmers, maybe you should check on your end and see how it goes

Don’t worry,

they promised at last Q/A all will be ok…

better say, I had no taste to looking that video, only reproduce news from users here :slight_smile:

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ya, bad spirit detected, haha.

but i agree. it somewhat seems to depend and your mileage will still vary.

if the game works, it works really well.

That’s the hardest of the questions to respond, cause I see people on this forums call the game “UNFLYABLE” since in two airports there are bugs or because ground textures became blurrier or their home was way better looking in the previous patch. Unflyable.

I made several flights around Europe with the A320 neo (modded version) and it’s not only a great experience, it was very fun. Even if ground textures were blurrier than the past and ATC sometimes act really wonky. So the question is, what’s more important for you: a totally flawless piece of software (hint: it doesn’t exist), a nearly flawless piece of software (MSFS2020 will become that in years), a game with bugs that SOMETIMES need a bit of workarounds but overall it’s a nice platform to begin with.

Long story short, if you have no clue of how a A320 autopilot works and call the game “unflyable” because the autopilot banked 5 degrees much or levelled the nose “in a strange manner”, or think that Niagara’s falls are too bad looking and want you money back… than wait a couple of more months


Does it have a few bugs? Yes.

Is it flyable? I am on my seventh leg of a world wide tour. One crash due to a CTD; my fault for testing the VFR map bug.

I have flown FS2020 for two weeks now. My first time in the pool. I am enjoying the hell out of it!


I mainly fly the A320Neo. The fly by wire mod is highly recommended it fixed for me so many of my issues. Dev. even mentioned it in video chat that they are aware that it’s a better Neo! I think as the team sorts out the bugs this will get a whole lot better. I disagree with everyone that says it’s unplayable. It’s not and I can prove it to you: I flew from Delhi to Kathmandu. Beautiful experience! Mountains and landing were amazing! No crashes! The only thing is I was using the fly by wire A320 and not the default.

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After checking your forum history, I would suggest you check the notes you made when you made your posts during your last visit to the forum about 11 days ago in the ‘Keep your heads down Asobo’ thread.
That would have been after the last update (i.e. FS2020rc2) so you should be aware of how the sim is doing now and whether or not it now meets your expectation or can be enjoyed by you.


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as far as i’m concerned your post is not even even near to be helpful to any of us and even though i’ve been appreciating quite some of your responses why don’t you just respond to the forums topics and refrain on always going against such posts !?

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I suggest you keep your off-topic opinions to yourself and observe the forum rules thank you.

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Hey thank you!!

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You were posting about an issue last week, so maybe time flies but i don’t think you took a break for a month. Don’t troll.


Hi there i tend to disagree please fly the longitude at fl410 and post a video. Also NO VNAV doesn’t work. Yes some people are over the top with moaning but there are issues… I run a high end rig and in 4k visuals and performance are stunning. I just wish they wouldn’t roll out world updates before they get their stuff sorted with flight models.

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Well it really depends on yourself as of now, there is couple of bugs:

  1. VFR crashes the game.
  2. Multiplayer, AI traffic, Live traffic must be off, as there is problem with focus on other plane witch crashes the game.
  3. AP seems a bit messed up, as it not really following the route and tries to go in circles, but after while it snaps on AP even if it looks that going to other dirrection.

Is it playable, well sure it is, just turn off all these options mentioned above, and fly a plane manually for a bit, with a320 manual fly is a cake, just use FD, and after while engage AP.

Still buggier than week-old roadkill on the side of a Florida highway as far as I’m concerned.

That said, it’s not “unplayable” unless you’re one of the few that can’t load in or CTD constantly while in flight. I see a lot of whining from crybabies claiming how unplayable it is for stupid reasons like texture issues, no water reflections, or buildings are taller after the last patch. That’s just stupid complaining for the sake of complaining. There are legit bugs, but much of the bellyaching I see around here is for stupid stuff that has no impact on actual flying. It does indeed break the immersion. There’s no arguing that.

You can still get in the air and fly. If you’re aware of what the various bugs that may or may not affect you are (the experience seems to vary wildly from person to person), you can deal with them and adapt. The only way to know for sure what bugs affect you is to get in the air and play the game. No one here can answer that for you.


Think of it this way…

You and the lead mechanic just did your walk-around before flight and he said the landing gear and flaps have some bad hangston-gangleon irons installed improperly, and need fixing. And your reply to him: I’m going anyway!

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I am noticing that the longer you play, the worse the AP bugs seem to get. Load the sim up fresh and do a short flight, all seems fine for the most part. Very few bugs in the AP or anything else. But on a long flight, or subsequent flights, the bugs seem to start piling up.

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Sim is amazing… flew from Geneva to London City ifr through a cyclone and made a safe landing. Was hella fun complete ifr procedures. Lots more work to come but it takes you away and thats whats important. Its not real.

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