So I crashed On My Frequent Flier Miles Achievement Flight

It told me to go around, and i was about to touch down, but the airport lights were off (Patrick AFB were also off is it a bug in beta?)

Anyway i did a missed approach, and crashed, reset the flight to final, and landed but did not get the achivement.

so safe to say restarting even though you got to the airport wont work.

This ^

you’ll have to refly from scratch, I can’t recall any achievement will complete from a restart or saved position.

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I read that you can use sim rate for this achievement.
But I am not sure you can get it with that aircraft, to be on the safe side I would use a default aircraft present at release, such as the 747 or 787.

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Well at least I’m very close to 100 hours in my pilots profile. Sad I could t test the f18 for this flight. Sorry guys I tried!

I’ll have to learn the 7xx planes. Next I think I will go for the landing challenged

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