So I flew X-Plane yesterday

Yes it does by default… Even police cars and road accidents.


Nope, straight out of the box, and without cars moving like headless chickens…


Yeah I 've had the same thought too. MSFS needs to fix the traffic.


But whatever we might think of it, both sims have their pros and cons, but still i love both.
The future of flight simming is a bright one, thanks to both MS and Laminar, oh, before i forget, Lockheed martin for their P3D….


I’ve posted the links to these videos not long ago (I’d suggest you start with the 3rd one):

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I’ve posted a few videos illustrating what I call a bug in the traffic rendering:

[BUG/FEATURE] TAA is transforming road traffic into ghosts (self-cancelling moving pixels)

PS: and not just traffic, but everything which is moving. It is just more apparent and defeating with small cars moving.

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IMHO X-Plane has nothing to worry about I try MSFS every few month to see if its up to my personal standards and it has a long way to go I’m not saying its not going to get their but as far as I see it its still a beta simulator its the in depth aircraft systems and the Vulcan smoothness and FPS that are the most noticeable with that being said I’m willing to sacrifice MSFS superior scenery and weather generator


It is not about putting other Sims down, but rather projecting your preference, so long as one is polite. Competition is a healthy thing.


Agreed. I have the latest Navigraph airac in p2a and FS2020. Still get those ■■■■ usr waypoints in the MCDU… and they can’t be deleted.

FS2020 is useless for IFR. It’s a scenery sim and not much more.

Hope one day it will be a flight simulator…which is what I thought I had paid for.


It’s useless for IFR if you don’t know how to do anything other than follow a magenta line. I can fly as a /A no different in it than I can for P3D and XP.

Thank you. I’ll try some of those addons this weekend.

SFD Global is free? I can’t find the free version… I only see the $30 version.

Sim Heaven is free, yeah.

No, it’s payware.

Do expect better frame rates with DX12.
And less stuttering, smoother running background apps and improved reflections etc.

Ya…because flying FS 2020 on a single monitor with a screwed-up FOV is sooo much nicer than the wrap-around COMPLETELY customizable view one has with XP11’s multi-monitor support. :wink:

VR is pretty smooth with a “so so” (AMD RX590) video card in XP11.
In FS 2020 you’ll need to drop another 1500 bucks on a video card before things smooth out or you’re in for the stuttering mess.

The FS 2020 bush trips are pretty cool in VR but I refuse to fly FS 2020 using that single 2D screen. XP11 is still my go-to 2D flight sim.

The problem is Following the Majenta line is what airline pilots do, that is Airliner IFR., There is no badge of honour for hand flying an A320 over its flight plan, the automation must be used. In real life you would lose your incense if you start deviating from your filed flight plan unless given instructions. If you a file a star and are cleared for it you must fly it, that means meeting the alt/speed restrictions.

Please dont act like following the line makes you a beginner, we can all use the heading bug and VS and we do. But that is not the point. Airlines have SOP’s regarding this, some use the automation fully others dont. The USR/USER points break the IFR massively.


The blue line drawn on is What MSFS adds to the plan, its wrong, its nothing to do with following the line, that is what you are supposed to do. You cant follow the blue line as it wrong and in real life you would not be trying to follow the approach by trying to match it up… So please dont say silly things like you just said, MSFS IFR is wrong, its no good until they get rid of the USR/USER points.

Piloting an Airliner is boring at times, you take off and then you mostly let the AP fly, you make inputs and adjustments to the AP. This does not make it low skill, its how it is meant to be done. When it all goes wrong which often it does not that’s when it gets interesting. No Airline Pilots do it any other way!


There are many people who fly the A320neo on VATSIM (the FBW mod I’m sure). The future of aviation is indeed following the magenta line (there hasn’t been a 172 rolled off the assembly line in over 10 years without a G1000 and VORs are becoming a thing of the past).

Please don’t get the impression I’m trying to judge here and ignore context, what I see a problem with though is saying…

“FS2020 is useless for IFR. It’s a scenery sim and not much more.”

Flying under IFR in IMC is indeed possible in MSFS. When you’re flying in IMC MSFS isn’t a scenery simulator. To reiterate flying under IFR and in IMC is indeed possible in MSFS and many have flown the A320neo on the VATSIM network.

I don’t really understand your definition of “Airliner IFR” when talking flying a magenta line. /W is a thing, not everyone is a /L. An A320 will be flying /L no doubt but I’m puzzled by what exactly you mean.

I’m also not telling people they should be hand flying their tubeliners (yet they have to because of this problem). I’ve flown many of them in sims and I know how they should be operated.

In the end though I feel my post you quoted me on came off the wrong way with the wrong tone and with miscommunication. My apologies.

There is no doubt that Xplane is better for IFR at the moment, ofcourse the visuals will never be the same as MSFS. You can make Xplane look very nice but it requires manual effort. In essence, what MSFS can do is stream scenary, thats it, that is the advantage. If one looks at things, coming myself from Xplane and transitioned to MSFS one wonders what exactly makes performance tank?

I mean a DCS module like i.e. A10 that has the entire airplane simulated down to othe last button in the cockpit can operate at high frame rate. So what gives?

Xplane has some deep simulated airplanes that run great. But as soon as you add a little bit of add ons and xEnviro then you are taking a hit.

MSFS scenary is the fps killer, the planes are banal and lack advanced system simulation that take up tons of proocessing power. The advantage is also the problem. If all we intend to do is have great scenary and banal systems simulation then that is a tough one to swallow for me.


Yeah agree the default flightplan from Asobo is bugged as hell. But using the WT mod with its custom flightplan manager, it fixes a lot of these issues with the annoying USR endpoints. FBW mod is working on integrating the same flightplan manager from WT mod into their mod.


You said “If all you know how to do is follow the Line”

that’s what you do mostly. Yes you can fly on VATSIM, but how many times do you fly a complete STAR on VATSIM? Not everybody flies on VATSIM, If you are on a STAR and ATC take you off then you could argue all you do is follow vectors, they will often line you up for an approach and then its either Visual/NDB-DME/RNAV/ILS at which point you would engage the appropriate systems

But if cleared for a STAR you can not always fly it correctly even managing the the descent profile yourself because you are not on the right track the USR/USER point take you way off, you have to clean it all up, use DIR TO you almost have to fly the plan point to point at some stages using DIRTo and then if you are not quick enough you get the dreaded u-turn back to the start of the approach or the AP just ignores the path.

I know all IFR is follow the plan, sadly some on here think hand flying an A320 across the pond is realistic, my applogies if I misunderstood but I think you know what I am saying? the USR/USER points are ridiculous and it just needs fixing, I mean watch EasyJetSimPilot other real world pilots etc on you tube, yeah he flies IFR on vatsim, but it is a bumble with the flight plan every time, there is no need for MSFS to be ruining a perfectly filed flight plan, and it is just silly.

Also VATSIM Controllers mostly radar vector you anyway, I am yet to fully complete a a full star on vatsim without ATC intervention.

My Screen shot of my Plan, The MSFS interpretation is a joke, it must be fixed, even the path and track to the VOR is off why did they do this? its not correct at all. On SIDS using P2ATC all you get is “Call sign, you are off course” not so in any other supported sim. I hope they fix this ASAP.

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