So long and thanks for all the fish

Congrats MS/Asobo – you have managed to get me to not look forward to flightsimming anymore.

I can’t deal with just the almost hour to hour unpredictability, and the infinite bloatware downloads for small patches. I refuse to do bug triage, and try to eke out some kind of performance on my machine which runs other titles very well.

Blackshark, you’ve ruined X-plane for me… I will miss that beautiful scenery… till X-plane no longer crashes in Vulkan mode.

Train Sim World 2 — might give you some pointers on how to do this right… . Maybe you should consider hiring those guys…

It was a nice run… sayonara… and thanks again!

(Edit) This post was flagged for not meeting Community standards. Sorry to be blunt… but this game does not meet the standards for a playable commercial software product - till date. The TSW 2 comparison was for a game that does what it says on the tin… and thats where the letdown here hurts so bad…

Flag away.

Goodbye. Arrivederci.


You know what good riddance.

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You’re kidding, right? TSW2? Have you read the posts on that forum? :rofl:

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Train Sim World 2? Are you serious? Let’s put this in perspective. Let’s say MSFS gets everything worked out and starts to bring in some features that were promised, such as charts & things like that, but you couldn’t access it unless you bought a new game, MSFS 2021. Then let’s say they removed the ability to share mods on PC because it wouldn’t be fair to the console players.

Then you would have something close to the debacle that is Dovetail Games & TSW franchise.