So Many People In Hurricane Laura's Eye -- Good Job Asobo

I changed the time to 7pm so I could take photos, using the live weather engine… made it to the eye wall.


holy molly…

Good job with a 3kt wind hurricane, yep! :joy:


Hurricane Laura is nowhere near where it’s supposed to be, either. I just loaded up the strip in Cameron, LA which is less than 100 miles from the eye and it’s just a calm, partly cloudy evening. Very disappointing. Yes, live weather on, live weather data is enabled, etc.

I just had a flight to where it would be (just south of this general area:,-93.586474,10.25z ) from Lakefront. Well, it just was like a 5/8 cloud cover down low, but the weather radar was full of stuff. Would be too awesome if we really could see the eye… the weather is absolutely great in FS, but this would be the cherry on the icing.

Do you mean like this? Not a true eye, but was a slightly open in the middle.

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It wasn’t well defined, kinda a crescent moon center when I got through the wall finally.

But it’s not well defined in real life either, even after mid day today it did the collapse and reform eye stage. As it hit lake Charles eye wasn’t very defined either. Still windy, no calm

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And EVERYONE should be able to see on the PFD the 225/3 relative wind and of course you can let go of the yoke and no problem, it will fly itself with no correction.

That’s not true. I got hit with a ton of winds. Honest to god. Winds don’t work consistently but when they do work, it’s insane.

Guess I wasn’t anywhere close to the thing after seeing your screenshot. Must have been the lagging live weather that’s been mentioned.

That looks fantastic. Was the weather working over there? The storm over the UK worked great.