So many stutters with last patch

Sorry, I’m not used to write in forums but I would like to know if others have so many stutters since last patch. Release version was so beautiful and so smooth, it was like a dream for me that I was able to run it so nicely with my old computer.
Patch after patch I’ve seen the performances decrease and stutters growing. Just before the last patch, stutters appeared when approaching airports, but were ok for the rest of the flight.
Since last patch, first 10 minutes flying are so smooth that I was “woahh” … at least it’s happening.
But after 10 minutes, stutter fest is back, and non stop this time… Every second … tac tac tac… so awful… Even lowering the settings, cache or no cache, using project lasso, hyperthreading, no hyperthreading. Always the same report.
At the begining I was flying almost every day… During the last weeks, I hesitate to launch the sim knowing something wrong will certainly happen… The fun is lost .
I’m playing more OnAir company alone for now. Without the Sim… Really a shame…

Only since the last patch 10/30 v1.10.8.0, am I now experiencing stutters, the whole sim stutters (audio and video) periodically when flying. It seems to coincide, perhaps with scenery downloading. I am running on a Dell Precision 7720 under Windows 10 Pro v1909. Prior to this patch everything ran smoothly.