So much bus and car traffic on the taxiway...I can't



an airport services parade in progress there :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


This is why I have airport vehicle traffic set to 5% in my options lol

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It was Mandatory Flightline Driver’s training Thursday with refresher courses!:rofl:


Even 5% can be a bit busy compared to reality.

Landing at LSPM (Ambri Airport, Switzerland) on the Alps Bush Flight I was greeted by a bus running straight at me in the center of the runway. It is a bit disappointing to end a beautiful flight over many of the most famous mountains in the Alps by smashing into a bus.


Just turn it off, it doesn’t work properly and isn’t prototypical anyway.

Still never flown into a real airport anywhere in the world and seen a forklift driving around the apron!

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Just taxy through 'em.

Ground Vehicle Traffic (total numbers) have been increased in SU9 and is now far to much…

Hi, I fly out from Blackbushe and I’m sure there’s a forklift doing a top gear Power Lap.

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