So slow development process

sorry to say, but Asobo is veery slow in development… “hotfix” takes 2 weeks to publish… 2 weeks !!,
so many people in Asobo and at Microsoft side… this is really strange, that all is going so slow…
Contrails will arrive- at last ( just one fx effects? )…, where are others fx effects, why this is so long process with over 200 hundred people involved… ??
I know that sim is complicated, multi stage software, understand it fully, but there are so many programmers and others behind…
Independent developers like fbw are made up of several people and their progress is incommensurate with such a large studio as Asobo

This sim is still in beta stage… ok late beta…
This is my point of view, you can agree or not…
comments are welcome


A hotfix in complicated software isn’t as easy as throwing a switch. You have to make sure the problem is safely isolated and then the hotfix has to be tested. And the fact that Asobo is a large studio is more a hinderance than an advantage. Larger companies mean slower reaction times because decisions have to be approved by more people.
Also those people are not sitting all in the same office, or maybe even the same country. Also makes it all a little more complicated.
Particle effects will be implemented with DX12. This has been discussed many times. It makes no sense to implement something now which most likely will not be compatible in a few months time


Ohh I’m sorry… Maybe you should release the updates that you can do in 5 minutes? That will show everyone how better you are at fixing a flight simulator that’s 100+ GB large, with millions of codes all by yourself.


Many Asobo attorneys - evanghelist will tell the user epgd, how wrong he is


I got nothing. :mask:


Do you though?

I’ve been plenty critical of the development process to date. Mostly on account of sloppy work and updates that are full of new issues.

In this case, if I had to pick between more frequent updates or fewer new issues I would take the latter 10 times out of 10.


Most here on the forum will be along to tell you how wrong you are!
We are all supposed to be here for a 10 year ride with this game, we have been told!
Couldn’t agree more with your thoughts.
Many people involved but improvement since last August has been painfully slow and inadequate.


Some people are so disrespectful, with how the world has been for the last year and a half im surprised there has been as many updates as there has been. Especially when I expect alot of time developing this sim has been done by people working from home, which no doubt brings more obstacles than normal.
People seem to think they make bugs or get things wrong on purpose, the only thing have really criticised is the communication sometimes and lack of testing before update releases. But both of these have been acknowledged and worked on, or due to have changes to the process of putting out updates.


I have a love/hate relationship with Asobo. On one hand they gave us a fantastic platform that is transforming the flightsimming world. For the 95% of stuff they got right, we tend to focus on being irritated with the 5% they can’t seem to figure out.

The only problem is that 5% is so integral to flying and the flying experience that those snafus are hard to ignore. The fact that it takes a while for fixes to come out after they’ve broken things doesn’t ease the irritation factor when those things are a big annoyance when flying.

I think they’ll figure out a good workflow as the sim matures. We’re all in this in its infancy, and overall I’m pretty happy with the sim despite all of the things I complain about in here.

I just wish they’d do beta testing and QC before releasing any update. Period. Wouldn’t that eliminate the vast majority of unpleasant surprises that take weeks to fix? I know they’re planning on some kind of beta program this year. Maybe we’ll hear more about that during their next Q&A.

Meanwhile- I really just want icing fixed on the jets and airports to look better at night from high altitudes and distances (invisible).

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The sim has been released less than a year…shoot just over 6 months…


What you purchased is an experience and a hell of a long journey of development to witness and enjoy.
As was FSX…as is P3D…as is X Plane.

Find a new PC title genre hobby if you can’t stand it.

Most of the consumers with any sort of experience or common sense with full world flight sims knew this before purchasing.


I mean we’ve only had 5 meaningful updates and a few minor ones in that space of time with another major update slated in the next week or so.

I’m actually surprised at the volume of updates we’ve got in such a short time after release, and all this during the Covid19 pandemic wrecking havoc around the world. Granted some issues have crept in but generally each one has been a step in the right direction.

It’s actually quite exciting watching this product evolve in the short time it’s been out.

Just for comparison how many major updates have other AAA games gotten over the same period? and how many that add free content and functionality instead of just patching bugs?

Honestly for a dedicated supposedly mature community some of us can be unbelievably demanding. Asobo gets grilled for not moving fast enough by one group, and also moving too fast by another, there doesn’t seem to be any winning here.

Surely we have more going on in our lives (and other sims / games at the least) that you can spend some time on while popping into occasionally see where things are going?


Two weeks corresponds to a typical Agile release cadence, which Asobo maintained for a SaaS application from August through just the beginning of the Holidays. In the midst of a Pandemic of the likes not seen since the 1910s.

FSX - three Service Packs in 12 years and it took the combined efforts of every Third Party maker and then some to make it the way it is today. 12 years and a whole ecosystem of Third Parties.

MSFS delivered a working real world map, scenery, live traffic and weather system out of the gate. Perfect? Absolutely not. But it was a Minimum Viable Product which meant it was saleable and marketable.

Shrug. Some people just can’t be made happy no matter what.


I wonder the point of such topics as this post and the motives behind it…

I have never seen devs trailblaze like Asobo/MS have in this iteration, and the speed of rollouts is really very reasonable given the magnitude of the software and it’s complexity.

Have the devs made mistakes along the way? Yes.
Have the devs owned up to these mistakes? Yes.
Are the devs commited to improving the software? Yes
Are the devs open to communicating with it’s customer base? Yes.
Do the devs provide regular updates? Yes
Do the devs admit there is considerably more improvements to be made? Yes
Are they working on these improvements? Yes
Do any of us not directly involved with Asobo/MS really completely and utterly understand what it takes to produce and maintain such a complex software program whilst balancing their internal business model requirements/targets? Very few.

Can anyone point to a dev team of recent times that have achieved the same groundbreaking technology/software whilst communicating with its customer base so openly/transparently while balancing several sim updates and world updates in a relative short space of time? In addition to accomplishing all this during a worldwide pandemic?

Whilst I recognize & understand the importance of free speech…when will these redundant topics cease…?


Trolling OP aside, but if we think posts like this have gotten to the point of being beyond repetitive just wait until it’s released on the kiddy console.


Don’t worry, the “kiddies” won’t use this forum, they’ve got their own (almost certainly more diverse and accepting of people’s differences, pereferences and backgrounds than this one).

Good to see that we want to embrace others and expand the flight sim community. /s


In a year the same question will be asked and the same responses will be given.

“It’s only been a year people! We had 15 World and 5 Sim Updates, for FREE!
Is the landing gear broken at the moment? Yes. Is it unflyable? No.
Be grateful! We have the whole world to fly VFR in!
Thank you Asobo!”
thread closed


The problem hasn’t been slow progress, if anything it’s been too fast, which in turn has introduced issue after issue after issue with each and every update.

They need to slow down, get the updates properly ready and release in a better stable State than what they have been in the past.

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Which brings back to the same point again. Can’t make everyone happy. You’re saying they’re too fast because new issues keep creeping up. But other people are saying they’re too slow, because the issues takes too long to fix.

Sometimes you need to take the middle-ground. Either views are correct, buy neither views are reasonable.

So I think their update rate is just right.

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Agreed. I think Asobo’s team involved in the project decided to have a big round table discussion and take a deep breath and re-evaluate their self imposed time constraints. Crank stuff out too soon and as the past proved to them it’ll come back to bite you. Drag out releases like you’ve got all the time in the world and backlash from your end consumers will happen.

I think right now they pretty much are at a happy medium. I can perhaps see Microsoft’s hand in pushing out the initial release given their track record in doing so with other software titles.

Just because there are 200 people working on it (I think it was more like 100 but never mind) doesn’t make certain features like contrails any faster since all 200 people are not working on it. Some are working on scenery or certain planes or systems or the SDK. All of these have to be tested by QA and planned for a release.

The FBW guys are doing a fantastic job but let’s not kid ourselves when comparing them to Asobo. It’s much easier working on just one plane than an entire sim and updating the cockpit textures and sounds and flight model of the FBW is not comparable to the complicated features Asobo are working on - like the DX12 migration, particle system etc.