So, us who are affect by the FPS drop, are we just bricks until unknown fix appears?

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i stopped playing completely the sim because of this performance issue … i’m done


They have to be working on a quick fix/patch at this point.
No way they are gonna let the simmer base suffer for another month.
Unless the performance degradation is a very complex issue that needs that much time.

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The only thing they care about is the Xbox rollout.

Until then they expect us to suffer in silence.

So yeah. We’re bricks like you say.


I am starting to think ASOBO thought the eye candy aspect of this sim would be enough to keep it afloat while they faffed around with every thing else. They are starting to find out otherwise. This demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of what a flight sim is and what people expect of it. Now throw in the poor performance and it has to feel like the walls are closing in down at ASOBO

If all these troubles follow them through the Xbox launch and it flops.(likely at this point IMO) I wouldn’t blame MS for pulling the plug on the server part of it at the vary least. It has to be expensive. At this point we are all SOL and it will probably be MS last venture into the FS world.


ASOBO have really taken their eye off the ball this time. The sim has been barely usable for 2 werks now. That’s not really acceptable, is it?


As a long time sim enthusiast must admit that I am beginning to think that the flight simulator 2020 platform is not yet ready to welcome a true fan of the genre (what a find huh?) , not to be catastrophic or think it will be a failure, it is just simply maturing like all other games of this type … it needs time and I understand that. I am aware of the problems of such a complex software and the fact that instant fixes cannot be obtained or demanded. But I’m afraid I am no longer particularly impressed by the sceneries , I am a fan of airplanes and aviation, of procedures and everything related to them, a breathtaking scenery is not the only thing that can be enough for me , the planes are coming , aerosoft crj it’s superb right now , but how to enjoy this “greatness” with the “core” sim not functioning ? And when pmdg aircraft will come what will happen? (given their detail and often heaviness)
“What will happen when…” is my cyclical question.

I’ve seen patch upon patch (I bought it day1) focusing on absolutely secondary factors and ignoring others , I’ve seen community miracles , fixes , mod etc. and it seems to me that currently the project is more supported by ordinary people, who are committed to helping others, fixing problems , debugging , making mod etc , than not from asobo.
I myself have partially solved the fps and stuttering problems thanks to a thread (not completely at first I seemed to have gained enough to be able to play but with subsequent problems during long flights)

In the hope of future improvements I am back to flying on p3d, I’m not saying this to denigrate fs2020 (that anyway I paid and liked and will continue to follow) and I don’t mention p3d because it is “better” it can be xplane or fsx too , your flight setup is impressive , I did not understand if you have assembled it specifically for fs2020, but I can guarantee you that I think more than one person would consider it a “dream setup” even for any of the other simulators currently working and more focused on aircraft functionality , it is not a waste there are alternatives until asobo deems it appropriate to improve the current platform in a tangible way.


It saddens me a lot that people continue to have CTD and cannot enjoy the Simulator and more so in your case with how spectacular you have it.
I have to admit that I also had my CTD’s but the truth is that it has not been super stable for a long time.
We could make some adjustments to Windows 10 to see how it has been great for me.

No its not acceptable and there silence on the issue is the most troubling part to me. Almost like they new it would be an issue but chose not to worry about as it would present a conflict with there “road map” to development.


Did you try to fly out other airports? I might be location specific.


I also shelved it for now. Let’s see what the next update does.

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It absolutely does appear to be location specific, in that it’s repeatable by location and most of us share them. The kicker is that they’re absolutely everywhere so it’s rarely possible to complete even a 1hr GA flight without hitting stutterbombs.

I appreciate you’re trying to help, but to be honest I think you could be more help relaying how annoyed a LOT of users are that our sims have been bricked for two weeks now to the devs, and getting some news from the devs for us.


This project could still go both ways. Frankly, the trend has been alarming. We basically have been in a bear market since release, and I am waiting for the bottom and for an indication of a bull market, to use market terms.

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So should I sell or buy?


Bricks no. I have been flying around eastern Europe and north Africa, no major stutterfests so I have been able to keep enjoying the sim until this *** is fixed.

If you’re not using that sim pit can I borrow it for a while?

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The quality of third party planes can definitely work as a boost , I don’t think aerosoft or a future pmdg would be happy to “come to terms with too many unresolved issues” , these kinds of things could seriously affect sales , I consider the evolving of planes releases a real indicator on the “health” of the simulator, surely I repeat that the scenery is superb, but i \ we are here for the planes and procedures right? and therefore consequently for the “core” features of the simulator,support-stability , if it weren’t for this reason it would be enough to use that little game on google maps to “fly” around.

I wouldn’t say that in general. I see multiple issues being discussed as “fps drop” or “stutters” which look like entirely different bugs to me which I described in this post:

I’m really surprised that most of the people saying the sim is unplayable are such with the highest-end systems (usually RTX 30x0 cards) while many even with low-end systems seem to be quite okay with the performance except for the location specific issues (Manipulators).

I’m running a Ryzen 3600XT, RTX2080, 16GB RAM and the sim runs fine in most cases. FPS issues usually are just for a minute max and then disappear, except for the one caused by high CoherentGTDraw which seems to stay - but I encountered it only once in the last few weeks.

Fully agree. Until now the discussion was “we have to wait for the good planes to be released”.
Now the discussion has shifted a bit - we fix one thing and we break others to the degree the sim is unusable. Who remembers the similar thing with the autopilot being unusable for 2 weeks on all planes?

I’m solely here on the forums to keep it from getting nasty (and helping others). And you’re not helping. (Plus, they’re already quite aware due to the various topics)

Shall we refrain from telling each other how to do our ‘jobs’?