So .... what actually works pretty solidly ? Which planes should I use?

Savage :wink: :sunglasses:

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Basic AP and linkage to simple FMS operations seems to be working in General Aviation.

Most of my hours to date are in: C152, C172 (both versions), SR-22, Daher TBM and Caravan.

Basic FMS = Point to Point GPS. Others have had more luck with things like approaches and a full IFR flight. I tried a couple of IFR flights, but I can’t figure out the basic routing algorithm. In well known places, the routing totally disregards proper transitions and ARs for example, ATC gets way ahead of the flight plan in terms of routing and alt changes, too annoying.

Not sure what you’re looking for on the 172 AP. So far, NAV, HDG, VS, FLC, ALT all operate as expected/documented.

Turbines - Daher is my favorite for right now; getting used to the Caravan. You’d think it was the other way around, but I’m starting to see some of the oddities others have reported on the Cessna.

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind a PC-12, more single-engine turbine choices, esp. STOL capable - lots of backcountry potential. A Turbo Otter or Porter with float options would be awesome, but MS needs to work on the water physics more.

SR-22 is my go to piston.

Cubx with community mod. Not the easiest to land if you are not used to taildraggers.
Beechcraft bonanza with community mod (Link is on avsim)

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I’m repeating myself once again: currently on a world tour with the A320n (FBW mod) with around 35k miles flewn so far. I starded around patch 1.8.

Only minor issues so far. The two crashes were self-inflicted.

C152, C172 (both versions), DA20 (very good acutally), TBM, CJ4 Mod, A320 Mod

Since I use navigraph I cant really talk about how default IFR flying is rn, but using the beta navdata from them made IFR flights nearly perfect. Also check out the carenado airplanes, I know they arent that study level but seems like they are very well made

I honestly feel like the stock A320 works reasonably well. Mod version may be better and more realistic, but also bear in that it will probably break with every sim update in the short term.

For GA aircraft I like the G530/430 C172 and the Savage Cub.

Haven’t explored all the aircraft yet though!

Cessna 152
Cirrus SR22
Bonanza with the mods
Carenado planes

VOR and IFR sometimes… praying not to die

a320 is probably the most usable plane in the game. especially with the A32NX freeware mod. if you are looking for a smaller plane then I recommend the TBM 900.

P.S. the 747 is broken dont use it plz

Try the DR400. It has complete checklists and is fun to fly. No autopilot so I recommend short cross country hops of around 60-100 nm. Grab a map and do it VFR, checking off landmarks as you go.

The C152 is an absolute blast to fly! You can throw it around the sky like a go-cart with wings. Same with the X-Cub, only faster. (More difficult to land because it’s a taildragger.)

The DA62 and the TBM are my “go to” aircraft for any cross-country flights. Both are superb; they’re really fun to fly. The TBM takes a bit of getting used to, but once you’ve got the hang of managing the turbine she’s a real honey. Stay ahead of that one though… start your letdown early.

I like the SR22 pretty well, although I’m not as crazy about it as I was at first. The Bonanza with the available Turbo mod and the G1000 package has - more or less - replaced the SR22 for a reasonably fast single. The Bonanza (with the Turbo mod) lands so nicely… makes you feel like an ace. :smiley:

Have fun!

I’m very much enjoying the DA40 and 62 with the working title G1000 mod. Great aircraft, though those that have actually flown it say it isn’t exact to life, I will say that having everything work is worth a little flight characteristic inaccuracy.

If they would have sold MSFS with just and only the Mooney, I would still be a happy customer.
This plane rocks and its so much better than the included airplanes.
Havent touched one of them since I bought the Ovation.
I recommend to use it with the GNS530 MOD Package, Navigraph Beta, LittleNavmap and the LNM toolbar plugin.

Second and third place go to the C152 an C172 (Steam Gauge).


I’ll admit I haven’t tried them all properly nor in-depth enough either, but the TBM seems superb for IFR - very easy to select approaches, build flight plan etc with the touchscreen menus/G3000 and the mouse c.f. trying to adjust G1000 knobs on other aircraft with a mouse while flying in turbulence or even on the ground? Plus it’s fast, goes high and can do short runways.

Love the 152 and 172 for nostalgia’s sake, but if I’m going to go slow then rather leave all the (old) nav bits behind and take that yellow Savage cross-country any day for a bit of a challenge…

Am watching that A32NX freeware mods, sounds like it is well on its way to making the A320 function as it should?

I would recommend the A320neo for solid commercial flights. For myself, I decided not to utilise the A32NX mod for now, but maybe in the future. I’d love to say use the 787, however, it’s virtually unflyable/unlandable so the neo would be a great one to stick with in the mean time, so you can get some enjoyable flying hours!

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I’ve been a 747 guy since Microsoft released it way back in ( fs5?). The flight model still has a lot of work to be acceptable, but the Salty’s 747 project is a giant step in the right direction, especially in fuel management. For pure scenery consumption, I like the Icon A-5. Completely different from the 747 in every way possible, but a lot of fun to see the sights.

Nice i did not know about the toolbar

There’s a great thread of Community Aircraft Mods at Community Aircraft Mods Megathread

The planes I’ve used that work real nice are:

Savage Cub (no mods)
XCub (with Bush League Legends mods for plane and G3X)
Bonanza G36 (with plane and G1000 mods)
Carenado Mooney M20 Ovation (with GNS530 mod)

Happy flying!
:small_airplane: :smile_cat:

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The only one I haven’t seen mentioned on this list is the Icon A5. It has about a 3 point checklist for starting, is easy to fly, low and slow. It is great for sightseeing in this beautiful virtual world, and so far, is the only plane that can take off and land on water.

Some things to avoid (If you don’t want to crash). Do not deploy the water rudder over 5 knots. Do not attempt sharp turns on the water while taking off or landing. Learn to use the AOA indicator, it makes take off and landings simple. Nice thread you’ve started.

Thanks ever so much to everyone who replied. Much helpful information.