So what does VR feel like?

I think this video captures something about the VR experience.


Now that is neat. Still have not tried VR, but what an alluring combination, those controls, and VR.

  • Kenneth

You have to try it Kenneth :slight_smile:

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Beginning to look like a gathering of old mates here.
Cheers my friends.

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It does indeed. Enjoyed your recent review Kenneth.

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Now obviously this is the MSFS2020 forum and the FlyingIron Spit is a lovely plane to fly and gorgeous to look at, as is the MSFS2020 world scenery.

And it does all look stunning in VR even with my old Valve Index.

But…for full on thrills in VR you need to get your spit into a proper dogfight. Oh boy. Does VR and a full rig of proper controls ever come into their own when you are in the middle of crazy furball in hostile skies.

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MS Combat flight simulator will be awesome. DCS needs to up their game before it comes or they’re screwed.

Let’s wait and see what the optimizations coming in late July looks like. Current performance would not sustain air combat.


I agree with you. We need many more frames for combat. It seems that july update will bring big performance improvements. Will they be enough? We’ll see.

Not bad but is that really the best VR aviation video out there?

Once VR runs smoothly its just amazing. Now I dont feel for fly in 2D on the 34" Screen anymore. I have a Quest 2. Only thing thats bothering me its the narrow FOW. Its like you have scuba googles on.
The Screendor effect is almost not noticable.

Looking forward how VR gonna look like in 2-3 years.

It feels simply incredible. I can’t play FS on a screen again. The immersion is similar to the video - absolutely overwhelming. The only throwback is the VR mouse, handtracking would bring it to the max.
(I’m playing on a Valve Index, the sharpness is very ok and the FOV is fantastic.)

Try Pimax. We don’t have that feeling. It is really inmersive. Very wide fov for sims and other games. 8kx and 2080ti.

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I bought the original Pimax (kept it for three days). What an absolute clustery mess it was. From the poorly manufactured lenses to the abysmal software. I imagine it had to get better or they wouldn’t still be in business five years later. Is it just plug and run now or is there still a bunch of hoops to jump through to get it to run?

Yes the FOV is the only limited factor in VR apart from heat,wind and water on your face.
I just pretend I have a flight beanie on to cover my ears,which limits my FOV.

I use a Pimax 8K for my simming. The wide FOV is fantastic. MSFS is just not yet there for wideview HMDs. Parallel Projection has to be on, wich cost performance and there is a insane culling on both sides of the view. I wonder if that will ever be solved. Very low priority as of now.

I really want to try VR, but so many conflicting reviews or issues/problems reported with different headsets…I just don’t know where to start. I’m tempted by the pimax 8k x, as that looks excellent on paper… but boy is that pricey, and I’m hesitate to shell out that kind of wonga when such mixed reviews. (I’m also a glasses wearing, so VR is a problem before I even start!)

I use a basic ASUS WMR from like 2019. I LOVE Flight sim in VR, it feels great.

Ah, if only my IRL controls matched up physically exactly to their on-screen virtual equivalents so I didn’t have to slowly fumble around by touch looking for the mouse or the parking brake switch on my throttle quadrant :smiley:

(Seriously though, VR is awesome. But fumbling for controls is not awesome. :D)

Data point on glasses: my vision is just bad enough I’m not comfortable driving without my glasses, and on the Valve Index the pixel resolution is significantly (well, slightly) worse than my uncorrected vision so I just take them off to wear the headset.

I can generally read the top-tier information on the instrument panel (speed, altitude, heading) but smaller text on a Garmin panel requires leaning forward (either physically, or with the ‘zoom’ right-click on the mouse which I find disorienting). Airliners? Forgetaboutit. :slight_smile:

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