So what's "need to update packages" about?

Had just declared a missed approach at KDFW and was being vectored out to make a new ILS approach. Got a message on the screen that my packages were out of data and was asked if I wanted to continue. I assumed that selecting Yes would update the out-of-date packages. Instead it continued with my flight. I exited the flight, but can’t find any out of date packages.

Restarted the game a second time and now can’t access the marketplace. This is the Steam version and I do have the Steam overlay active.

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Try to re log in to your MS account from ingame. If you have mods, remove them too see if it helps.

Logged out of my XBox account in-game. Rebooted the PC. Installed the newest version of the XBox app. Renamed the Community folder and created a new empty one, so no mods are installing. Restarted MSFS. Was prompted to log into my XBox account and did so successfully. MSFS completed loading. Marketplace is still greyed out. Looked at Content Manager. No updates available.

Try logging out and in of the account from windows. I had the same once and that helped me.

I tried that as well. I logged out in Windows, installed the new XBox app, then logged back in. Interestingly, when I then started MSFS I was again prompted to log into my XBox account before it would continue to load the program.

Did this work for you?^ I am having this issue right now

Did you sign up for the beta test?

Not that I am aware of. Unless there is one for series x i haven’t. But, I found that there was an option in ‘data’ under ‘general’ settings and asked if I wanted to turn online functionality. after selecting that it gave me the option to sign in

I just got this pop-up message as well for the first time ever. I was halfway through a flight to Hawaii (like 3 hours into flight) and it ended my flight and brought me back to the main menu.

Talk about mad and frustrated…

If it helps, I was using the latest FBW mod experimental build. So what do I need to do to avoid getting this again?

Im not sure. I was on a local VFR flight and got the message and continued the flight. However, I was offline for quite a bit. I use textures for the planes but thats it. Idk what is happening. Might have to create a ticket if we get more people with the issue.

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How were you able to continue the flight?

It let me do it offline. Luckily I wasnt going over several hundred miles because the rendering wouldve been bad. It kept pretty good graphics and flying didnt change. Where did you depart out of?

My route was KSJC (San Jose, CA) to PHNL (Honolulu). I’ve flown this same exact flight a handful of times in the past couple of weeks and this is the first time I’ve receive this message.

In fact, I’ve been flying only US-Hawaii flights recently using the FBW mod I discussed above.

Thats sweet, I am originally from maui. But, what is the FBW mod?

Really, that’s awesome! I’ve also flown a handful of flights into Kahului as well and I’ve got one planned for tomorrow, and inter-island flight from Honolulu actually! It sounds crazy, but I’ve been having so much fun doing these flights lately!

And the FBW mod is an add-on for the A320neo. It is much more realistic than the default A320 and it flies great! Much more functionality, realism, and immersion. I highly recommend it if that’s what you’re into.

Definitely am! I have hard such a hard time landing the A320 on anything. I come in at a nose down attitude and then when I go to flare I cant seems to pull off the landing successfully

Definitely takes some practice, but like I said, the mod brings realistic physics into the mod, so landing might be easier than the default.

Anyways, I think I’m gonna try my flight again and see what happens this time. Please work…

If you want to add my Tag, we could do some interisland stuff! Id love to fly over hana

focus on the problem. Someone managed to solve it?