So you want to go to Vegas... FlyTampa!

This is just rediculous how good the Vegas Strip and McCarran International are looking from FlyTampa.
This screenshot update came out on Facebook yesterday where there are more preivew shots than the ones shown here.

I live in London but I’ve been to Vegas 5 times so yeah this is a big one for me along with the UK (sorry Great Britain :wink:) update in the new year. HP Reverb G2 arriving on Tuesday as well. As the Emperor once said… everything is proceeding as i have foreseen! Haha :slight_smile:


I should add that I’ve flown around Vegas and Nevada in general quite a bit after the USA update. Asobo and their partners have done an amazing job in this area!

DEM data and colour corrected satelite imagery look superb and the photogrammetry city is great - the only thing missing is this add on package which improves the look of some of the iconic buildings and gives Vegas that night scene it truely deserves in MSFS, it complements the MSFS ‘base’ package so well and will make this area unbelievable!

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Yeah Vegas already looks pretty good as it sits. Mccaran on the other hand… woof.

Now THAT is an upgrade I will happily lay out my money for!

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night nyc with that quality would be coooooooooooooooool


That looks spectacular!

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Looks like it is out!

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I read something yesterday to the effect that it’s going to be available on their website before the in-sim store. Personally, I prefer to get everything possible from the store, so if I have to uninstall the sim or addons for whatever reason, I don’t have to go running around the whole internet to find things I already own. Ditto for upgrades.

So, I’ll be waiting until then. But for all I know, then could be today, I haven’t looked yet.

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Downloading now (I don’t have a problem, I could stop buying scenery any time I wanted to :smile:). Wish I would have seen this before I started my flight to Omaha. Would have much rather gone to KLAS! Will head there this afternoon!

I downloaded it this morning and am getting CTD’s whenever loading from anywhere in the city. Tried flying into the city from KIGM and when I got within 20 miles of the city BOOM another CTD, was very much looking forward to seeing Flytampa’s work but am unable to experience it!

Hmm. I’ll post later if I hit this as well. This sounds similar to the problem with Drzewiecki Designs Chicago Landmarks that released yesterday. It turned out to be an issue with the heliport metadata…

They even modeled allegiant stadium perfectly! Wondering if they have the 737 Janet airlines in there…?

I also experienced CTD’s yesterday with Drzewiecki’s chicago landmarks but it seemed to resolve itself after a few tries… weird. Doesn’t seem to be the case with Vegas right now though, everything I try I’m still getting CTD’s.

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There are several others experiencing this issue on Flytampa’s forums as well.

There is a temporary fix for the Chicago issue if you need it. See this thread.

So it looks like the culprit for my issue as well as several other users was the airport files. Removing those while keeping the city files stops the CTD’s and WOW the strip is truly stunning, great work by Flytampa. Hopefully I get to experience KLAS soon though.

I wonder if there’s a conflict with the USA Update (even though that shouldn’t have an impact).

Looks stunning. And when we get helo’s in the sim, I can see cruising the area as a tour pilot! :slight_smile:

Flying over the strip…More pictures to come.

How’s performance seeing reports of low fps when looking at the city and ctds.I am browsing the flytampa forums atm.