So you want to go to Vegas... FlyTampa!

Bad performance on my end. 10fps at the airport in the cub, 17 around the city. If I remove the airport and leave the city, performance is back to an awesome 35-40fps+.

i7-9700k @ 4.8Ghz, GTX 1080ti, 32GB RAM, SSD. Only 1080p too.

Saw someone mentioned removing the city gave them back performance back.

I’m having great performance with just the city files without KLAS. But there is still no offered solution for the KLAS files causing CTD’s.

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I’m also having CTD…do we just delete the airport and keep the city?

someone said we should delete the airport and keep the city… take a look at this forum, an administrator is working at finding a better fix.

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Wonderful scenery. FlyTampa have knocked it out the park. The screenshots did show some flat textures which I was a little worried about as they removed the photogrammetry to make way for there models but actually it’s not too bad. Not as good as integration as DD’s Chicago/Seattle but not bad - for 15 pounds I paid that kinda puts it in perspective though - great price!

As for performance. Yeah it’s not great. However performance is fine for me on a 2080Ti / 9900K @4.3Ghz in Medium settings ~35fps but appears to fall off a cliff pushing settings to Ultra/High settings ~16/19fps. Hopefully this can be sorted.

Not had any crashes to speak of. But I suspect these are texture/resource related. Nvidia GPU’s can fall back on system memory I think so with 64GB of system ram I usually don’t suffer with these sorts of issues - again I’m sure FlyTampa will look at performance/stability - they kind of need to.

Ultra settings

Medium settings

Same here. Around 10FPS in the A320 NEO (A32NX developer mod).

Sounds like it looks awesome, but needs a few tweaks here and there. I think waiting for it to be available in the store was a good move. I am very much looking forward to it being ready, and also for Flytampa to do, well, Tampa! Including KPIE…


McCarran. I hope they can optimize a bit because this airport is extremely well done.

Lots of interior terminal modelling. The glass is extremely dark, but look carefully and you can see in. Multiple concourses are modelled.

Awesome to see the “MadDogs” on the tarmac.

Over on the ramp where the other half lives. Would have been nice to see an actual Gulfstream out in front of the Gulfstream hangar.

The fountains in front of the Bellagio move up and down.

The strip is so realistic that I’m pretty sure my wallet got emptied just cruising down it in the drone camera. Big thumbs up to FlyTampa for their Las Vegas / McCarran scenery.

And a few shots of the strip at night. This includes the night lighting patch available on the forum which apparently adds even more lighting.

Finally, one shot of McCarran night lighting.


Same here. With McCarren loaded the program always does a CTD. Just leaving the Las Vegas module works OK. It’s also quite beautiful. The casinos that were in the sim look much better and there are more casinos that are just off the Strip visible (The Rio,the Palms, etc.). The Strip at night looks great.

According to this thread, it looks like Fly Tampa has an idea as to what the problem is and should have a hotfix soon.


Bought this knowing there was already photogrammetry and another pass in the US world update. But man… Flytampa has knocked this one out of the park, the night lights and animations (like the water fountain) has made this so worth it! I will only be landing in at night!

However, I am also suffering from low fps and hope their hotfix comes out soon.

I’m having the same issue…not sure what’s going on? I’m thinking the old default scenery is not completely deleted from the cache, or maybe the animation within the scenery that would cause severe FPS performance decrease…not sure…I mean if I’m having better performance in NYC vs. KLAS city, something is not right, any thoughts?

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I don’t know enough about the topic to speculate, but I know that many people seem to be complaining about it. From reading the FlyTampa forum posts, it doesn’t seem like FlyTampa taking it seriously at the moment. Hopefully that will change as the volume grows louder.

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Since the CTD issue was solved for me, I am now experiencing the awful performance of KLAS. I have their Copenhagen scenery and has no issues with performance (High to Ultra settings in the A32NX). But after lowering settings to medium, I am still getting 10-15 fps while flying the Grand Caravan… Very disappointing as I was looking forward to this scenery for a while. Would definitely recommend anyone having the same issue to post on FlyTampa’s forums so it gets taken more seriously.

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Glad I didn’t purchase it with already a number of people complaining about performance I will hold off for now although I want it badly. If folks are getting poor performance on their 2080ti my poor 2060super will scream.

Good call, it’s a bit of a mess right now for quite a few of us, but I’m hopeful it’ll be fixed soon and you’ll be able to enjoy it with no hiccups.

Good grief someone with a 3080 reported 14fps on 1440p.Looking through their forums :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Did I miss something bc I can’t find the famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign at the end of the strip. I can find it in the stock scenery. Has anyone else found it?