SoFly releases 40 Unique Weather Presets for Flight Simulator


So, I ended up buying this. They are actually pretty useful! Quick way to change the weather into different scenarios without having to mess around with the settings!

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Its not free? :joy::joy:


Weather Preset Pro is available now for £4.99 / €5.49 / $6.95 / $8.99AUD.’

Will it ever be included in the MarketPlace?

so another pointless money grab all this does is provide presets the user can do in the sim adjusting slidders. The cash cow continues in flight sim


For under $7 it’s really not that bad.
Kinda like grabbing a meal on the go instead of cooking at home.

Nothing wrong with creating a product that some will find value in and want to spend their money on it.

Congrats to the creator. Hope they make some money for their time and creative work.

I might get it myself!

Here’s my ATTEMPT at landing during a snow storm at VNLK.

Actually, quite a few of the presets you cannot do through the sim UI. The sliders etc. have limits you cannot get past whereas if you do them in hand written presets you can. E.g. maximum precipitation rate in the UI is 20mm/h, but write them yourself you can hit 100mm/h. Same for other parameters and hand coding of wind without gusts, e.g. laminar flow at height is possible.

I have been hand building my own presets and installing them via Community folder for some really nice custom weather, e.g. proper fog etc. but even so I bought the SoFly package today and I am having a lot of fun with them :+1:t2:

Very useful info. Thanks. For the price, I think I’ll check it out myself.

Yes agree,

that’s not bad idea, is perfect tactic as another grab of money from people that don’t understand what is going on. Every one of that kind of people think that 7$ is not big money waste :wink:

Here are some great freeware ones

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