Sold dreams (An AI Traffic Rant)

Maybe it’s still early but the ai traffic has not lived up to the hype pushed by MSFS. For starters I only see about half of the ai traffic in the sim that I can see online. But the worst thing is the ai match up. For example I could be monitoring a flight online, but as the aircraft comes in for landing I realise that a Bonanza G36 is representing an A320. Please fix this or tell us how to do the match up better. While I am on the topic of AI, MSFS have gone backwards with the ai air file models. They were more realistic in FSX & P3D. I expected X-Plane 11 levels or better. Don’t get me wrong I like this sim but it still feels like a money grab. Please update.


I literally don’t understand how live traffic was ever going to work, or why so many people thought it would be a good idea.

Picture peak hour arrivals at any major hub. The arrival stream would be full of ‘real’ traffic, outside of the control of MSFS. Then add in a dozen or more multi player aircraft, each being controlled by their own ATC, unconnected to the ATC within your own sim. Finally place your aircraft within that environment. No matter how perfect it is, how is the MSFS ATC supposed to provide accurate, realistic ATC when there is so much within the system that is injected by external data, and out of the control of your MSFS?

I’ll take a ‘legacy’ type system, with realistic schedules, similar to past FS versions, that is completely controllable with the MSFS environment any day.


You still have the possibility to use off-line AI and I am pretty sure within let’s say a year from know you install flightplans, airlines and repaints the same way as you are used to do in FSX/P3D.

For on-line AI also new AI models are needed so a match can be made for the correct model. For liveries or engine variants, maybe you should have a database per reg as well (i.e. CFM, new colors or IAE, old colors).

Let’s give it some time. AI is on the radar!


I agree completely, I’m definitely not complaining.

I actually don’t understand the complaints and disappointment with the ‘live’ traffic. It was never going to be the ultimate, perfect system many people had convinced themselves it would be.

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Yes. The Flightradar24 or whatever service being used integration I always thought was more gimmicky than useful. It’s cool for sightseeing as they land, I guess, but doesnt really incorporate into swimming at all. It’s also destined to be a performance hog. Like you said, imagine KJFK pre-covid representing every aircraft on the ground and in the vicinity. If you wanna see real flights, just goto the flightradar24 online and click the planes you want to see and you can follow them in google earth and even see cockpit view. Having real air traffic in a sim is kind of contradictory if it cant fit you in as well.

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You can insert pretty much any piece of the game before these words and it would be an accurate statement.

Standard response in nearly every thread defending the developer. What is never mentioned is how much time are we talking about? Is the community’s patience completely open-ended? At what point does the developer run out of time? And where is the determination that the full-price “release” was appropriate or not?


I agree with you. If they injected ALL real time traffic, it would be a performance decrease. I think what they should do is have a slider, like AI Traffic, where the end user can select the amount of Live Traffic based on their systems’ performance.

It is FlightAware that MSFS contracted to for Live Traffic.

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I did not convince myself of anything. MSFS hyped and I used the word Hyped that EVERY aircraft that was on the radar sites would show up in sim live. FSX, Xplane11, p3d has that level of traffic already, so why should I not expect what they promised. “I actually don’t understand the complaints and disappointment with the ‘live’ traffic”? Isn’t that what the forum is there for? After paying for the sim and finding so many things lacking you have a place to air them out? I should just accept that because some… guy wants to bow at the MSFS alter? I am glad you have a perfect sim but some of us want improvements.


The only way I could think of a way to make it work is have the real world traffic delayed by a certain amount of time. That way Asobo’s servers/AI could make sense of the flightpath, flight-levels etc. and follow what happens in real life by giving directions to the aircraft it has just recorded.

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You might want to cast your vote to this suggestion:

I keep seeing these sorts of threads, it’s as though people bought the early bird tickets for the Hype Train and we’re sold down a River that actually never existed in the first place.

The way i see it is this is just the beginning, there’s a 10 Development plan ahead and it will eventually get better and better over the years. It was never going to be released as fully fledged finished game, I can understand those that expected that are feeling hard done by but that’s your own fault quite frankly.

Lots of games/sims these days have a continuous update plan after release, so you need to be ready for bugs, ready for features not fully working, ready for your dreams to be shattered because you got that train ticket. Chances are if the game doesn’t suit you now then it might do in a couple years, so go play something else, enjoy that something else and when you come back you might just be pleasantly surprised. Sitting round here constantly harping on about the same issues without any constructive forethought is no good to anyone, not least yourself.

Enjoy MSF 2020 for what it does do well, embrace the fact is only going to get better, learn to love not hate.


That’s exactly the point, we didn’t buy early-bird tickets. We bought prime-time tickets. This was sold as a release, not early-access. It was priced as a release, not early-access.

That is why some of us are a little bit annoyed at the lack of anything in this game being substantially done.

I keep hearing about this grand 10-year plan. Can someone please provide a link to it so that I can see it?


Use Google search

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I did, using the query “microsoft flight simulator 10 year development plan” (not in quotes), there are no primary-source results, much less a plan. Just third-party articles stating that it is a “work in progress.”


If I’m not mistaken, it was in one of their videos and it’s called a “roadmap”. And I think that video came out before the release date.

Someone can correct me here. :wink:

Second Result:

MSFS has been repeatedly described as a “ten-year” project, the kind whose content will grow and mature every step of the way.

Fifth Result:

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You could always buy Ex-PLane 11, and deal with the 11.50 patch that was just released…LOL. Pushed out because “most of the bugs have been qwelled.”

There are lot’s of “work in progress” flight sims out there to choose from.


Yes one of the live streams then mentioned it

What the article says: “With promises of a 10-year plan, we hope to see more free and paid updates once that series of updates concludes.”

I was recently promised that Mexico would be paying for a major infrastructure project. You might say that I’ve found promises to be somewhat unreliable. I admit that I may not be as old or as wise as some on these forums. However, in my limited experience, one of the most important aspects of a plan is that it exists. A promise of a 10-year plan isn’t the same thing as… you know… a plan.

So again, where is the plan?

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Getting back onto the topic — I think AI Traffic pulling live data is always going to be flawed, as mentioned earlier, there’s going to be a delay required… What happens if an Aircraft diverts etc?

I think what might be potentially more reliable, is to live pull airline schedules from some cloud database (Perhaps they could even use AI to analyse FlightRadar information to identify patterns of charters, GA and private jets and create an algorithm based on that) and inject that into the Sim real time.

I think one of the biggest downfalls though is the lack of Aircraft variety and Liveries… but I suspect there would be licensing issues for Microsoft to use Airliners brands, logos etc. (look at how some Airlines react to Virtual Airlines)

I had Ultimate Traffic back on FS2004. My rig back then was an Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 and ATI X800… and even that struggled with everything at moderate settings after I installed UT.