Solution for ILS who are displaced

We name the navigraph-navdata folder in Community with 3 zzz in front.


Then we go to the following path and we remove the content.xml before loading the Simulator.

C: \ Users \ YourUser \ AppData \ Local \ Packages \ Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe \ LocalCache

We eliminate it so that it makes a reading of everything we have and thus it will always be below (zzz-navigraph-navdata)

We always have to remove the content.xml every time we put or remove a new scenario in Community.

Hello @ToniGsxr600 ,

does deleting the content.xml ensure, that the fs-base-nav entry is set to false?

Otherwise it may be easier to just manually move the navigraph navdata to the end of the file, since fs-base-nav would have to be edited anyway.

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Hello there so it means put fs-base-nav in false and ta is …? i the navigraph data last and that’s it …? I’ll try later to see … but every time I add a stage it goes below again … would have to be loaded alphabetically. thanks for your attention.

Yes, fs-base-nav is set to false by the navigraph installer, but deleting the content.xml may unfortunately reset this modification to true. If you additionally to disabling fs-base-nav move the navigraph entry to the end of the file, you ensure that only the navigraph data is used. If you e.g. add additional airports to your community folder, you may have to move the navigraph data entry to the end of the content.xml file again.

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