Solution for recent low resolution ground texture and building pop-in issues

Voted for visibility, this is either a very silly bug or a design decision that i do not support.

good work!


Somewhere there’s a lone line of code

newLODMultiplier = oldLODMultiplier / 3

Any idea about the clouds ?


Well what we really do need is a sliders for both Terrain ground Resolution and Buildings draw distance.

Right now they’re tied together, we have no control on it, and on my rig what’s hurting the frame isn’t the ground textures but the drawcalls for buildings, I’d rather have lower building draw distance and much higher ground texture res because at FL38 all you need is sharp textures.

We NEED a separate slider for terrain resolution

The kind of details I used to have at 90 Terrain LOD on SU4:

The kind of details I get at 100 Terrain LOD on SU5:

Both roughtly at the same altitude (15’000 ish)

Love the performance improvement but hey … Give us more options to fine tune our graphics depending on our preferences and our rigs please


Well just done a flight in the 787 looking outside looked amazing and smooth so though great this is so much better as soon as I got to 25,000 and above that’s when the ground image went blurry in places. The LOS above 25,000 is just shocking and really needs looked into.

They also downgraded the light and it is awful!


Completely agree with what has been said about degradations in ground texture quality.
I currently have terrain LOD set at 4 and objects LOD set at 2.
But still the textures are not as crisp as I would like at cruise.


Also seeing a downgrade but getting the ‘reason’ behind it. I am on a 1440p monitor and for now what worked for me is adjusting the render scale from 100 to 175 and also a slight LOD increase in the cfg (4). I know this seems a bit crazy and will be depending on your CPU/GPU but the headroom the new patch actually gave made this possibility when I locked my frames to 30fps.

I think there should be more options in game to adjust the experience to your own liking but isn’t that something that they were working on already?

Where can I find the config file? Thanks!

My stand on this: I’m fine with nerfing LoD, but Asobo should give more options that can restore previous settings if we desire

  • Windows Store version: %localappdata%\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\UserCfg.opt

  • Steam version: %appdata%\Microsoft Flight Simulator\UserCfg.opt

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Better watch out . The " don’t adjust the UserCfg file" police will be on the way shortly !!

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What’s that about? I just want my normal ground textures from last week back. :confused:

Some guy arrived on a thread yesterday ( in which I posted a CFG file when asked by another forum member ) , and started saying that people should not be adjusting CFG files etc etc etc .
I ended up, after responding to this guy , getting into trouble with forum moderators.

楼主牛逼, Thanks for sharing the solution. I agree that there should be separate option to adjust the object draw distance and terrain texture distance. From what I’ve learned the GPU demand for terrain texture is lower than 3D objects. Also it would be great to add a transition effect to remote objects which happen to be at the border of the drawing distance, such as a fade in fade out feature just so there won’t be a sudden appearance.

what I fear at some point, is that, through a next update, they hardcode such things and prevents us from modifying LODs. Kinda like they, willingly or not, prevented us from using the tree distance mods. And then we’ll be stuck

Fully agree. I vaguely remember that they made a statement in a Q&A about implementing more “sliders” for PC users…

Hardcoding wouldn’t be a bad thing as long as they hardcode tweak settings in the program as well :wink:

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Actually I agree with them. No normal player should edit config file manually unless something was screwed

Exactly my sentiment. Don’t edit CFG files unless you know what you are doing.

If you are confident / have experience , then feel free to do so , and enjoy the benefits of being able to edit YOUR game / Sim :+1: